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EAB/Lemon Super League Rules & FAQ

EAB/Lemon Super League Rules and FAQ

Introduction, Competition Info, and FAQ

This thread will tell you everything you need to know about the Super League.

This Post - Competition Info, FAQ, and Introduction for newbies.
The second post - The Rules - for every game played.
The third post - Additional Rules and The Season Schedule - when the rounds will be played.
The fourth post - The Knockout Tournament - held at the end of the year.

It is advised you read all this in order to play, although you dont have to. The very basic rules to get started are always at the beginning of every thread. For more information this should be your first stop, and will hopefully answer most questions.

Competition Information and History

What is the Lemon/EAB Super League?
Simple. Everyone plays the same Amiga game for three weeks, and the person with the highest score wins. Players get points for each round, which also go towards a year long championship. One player will be crowned Super League champion at the end of the year.

How long has the Super League been running?
The short answer is, the Super League (as we know it today) has been running since January 2008. So the 2018 season marked the 10 year anniversary of the Super League competition.

What is the story behind the competition?
The seed of the idea begin in March 2005 on the Lemon Amiga competition forum, by a chap called The Dark Prince. You can check out the original 2005 rules thread here, and you might notice the rules havent changed much in the intervening years, only the scoring system has been updated. The English Amiga Board started their own League in May of 2007, by Graham Humphrey, based on the format of the Lemon competition. You can see the historic first thread here. Mihcael took over the Lemon compo in Sept 2006, and then handed over to Biscuit in July of 2007. On August 31st 2007, Biscuit announce the joining of the two Leagues in this Lemon thread.

Who came up with the name Super League?
On August 31st 2007, Graham Humphrey posted on EAB: How about a joint EAB/Lemon Amiga Super-League?. The joining of the two leagues was announced with great rapture, and the Winner of the EAB 2007 Games League VermilloN, posted this message. From here the Super League was born. (VermillioN was also named 'who' and is now ED-209 in our current League)

What's so super about the Super League?
It brings the Amiga community together! Gamers from the websites Lemon Amiga and EAB all play together from their own forum. In every round, the site with the highest average submitted scores gets a point. At the end of the year the site with the most points is declared the winner. This creates some super inter-team battles, which leads to some super high scores!

Who runs the Super League? Updated
The Super League is a player managed competition, so in a way, we all do. If someone finds an issue, then it will be sorted out, and so we help each other to overcome obstacles. We have one moderator: lifeschool, and two deputies, john4p and Mihcael - who is also the technical manager of the Super League Live Ladder. Graham Humphrey is also a friend and helper, having stepped down at the end of 2017.

How has the Super League developed?
Like all systems and structures, the Super League has developed since it began. The original format was a number of Open and Closed rounds, with several special rounds such as PD, Alphabet and Year. Much later, player/mod lifeschool came up with a number of new ideas, including Magazine rounds, Mystery rounds, Genre rounds, and themed rounds. The Super League scoring system has also been modernised. Originally the top 12 players scored linear points, with the winner receiving 15 towards their championship. We currently use a Super 7 system (see Rules Thread below), where all players get points, and the winner is rewarded with 20.

General Rules and FAQ for Taking Part

How do you choose the games?
Everyone chooses, and gets a say in the matter, in voting threads held before for each new round, where you can vote for five games you'd like to play (see voting rules). The game(s) with the most votes gets played in the next round.

How do I take part?
Easy. Firstly get yourself either a real Amiga or an emulator like WinUAE or FS-UAE. The current round thread will tell you which game to play, give links to where it's available to download, and tell you any extra rules for that game. Everyone is free to enter any round of the compo. To enter, simply take a screenshot of your highscore (or a photo of your whole tv/monitor screen if you're using a real Amiga) and post it in the game thread, with the score written clearly somewhere too. You can use free image hosting sites like Imgur, Tinypic, Flickr or Google storage to post your scores. You can also take part by voting for the next rounds game, and generally posting comments and support.

Where do I post my screenshot, Lemon or EAB?
The time has come to choose your side. Post here for Lemon, or go to the other side at EAB. The choice is yours. Since you are already here on Lemon I think you know where your loyalties lie, and have made an excellent choice. You can still post on EAB to chat (or taunt), but you must only post your scores to the side you have joined. All scores can be seen at a glance in the current game thread, in the first post, and the Moderators will bring all the scores together from everyone to update the current leaderboard.

Can I post videos instead of screenshots?
YES, and some players like to do this. The moderators will check to make sure players didnt clip the footage together from savestates. Please try to ensure footage is smooth (25fps at least) and the game/score is clear to see. If you post via youtube, simply click the Youtube icon, paste in the video URL (Removing the 's' on 'Https:'), and click the Youtube icon again to close the code and add the video.

Where can I get ROMs for this competition?
If you mean Kickstart ROMs (that you need to get the emulator up and running) then we’re not allowed to distribute them due to copyright, but they are available. They can be bought from Cloanto's Amiga Forever Package, or there are some disreputable free outlets for those who take time to search and enquire. Game disk images will be linked to in each round.

Do I have to use the game disk images linked in the round threads?
We recommend players try to stick to the exact same version of the game, so that the game is identical for everyone. We try to make sure the linked versions of the games are playable, free from crashes or bugs, and with a high score system which matches (ADF/WHDLoad) the original game disk. Using the linked game images means the moderators can check these out and update the image if necessary. We cannot be held accountable if you use game images which are not linked, which later prove to be unsuitable.

Can I use Original Game Disks / IPFs? -
Yes, if you have the original disks, or prefer to use real Amiga disks, you can use those to post scores in the competition, as long as the score systems match (note: Lotus 2 compo, F1GP compo editions, etc). An IPF is a perfect clone of the original game, and needs a special DLL library to run. They can be used but not shared or linked. DO NOT post links to "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" or New Commercial Games still supported/for sale.

Why Should I play?
Because it's fun! You get to meet new people, really talk about the game you’re playing, and learn many of it's secrets. It gives you a good reason to play a game you might not know very well. You might even discover a gem you've never heard of before. And it keeps you in touch with the Amiga, even if you only have a little time for it. There are no prizes on offer for winning, but imagine the looks you’ll command from people in the street. That just cannot be measured in money.

When or how often should I post a score?
Readers, visitors and guests are free to post scores on their chosen site whenever they like. You dont have to post all your tries, your best score will do fine. Although we do love to see your other tries in your games high score table (as it helps to prove your scores were not achieved with a trainer), it is not essential to have tried the game before you post a score. You can post as many times during the round as you like. We also try to encourage players to not hold on to their scores (e.g posting last thing on Saturday night), as this leaves less time for others to beat them and is not really very fair or sporting.

I missed a few rounds, should I bother joining in?
Of course you should! It’s all for fun, and not all about the League anyway. If you only fancy playing certain games then dip in when you like. The regular players like to see new people. Besides, everyone had to start at some point, and you’ll really get into it once you start.

I finished last and only scored 1 point. Should I quit?
No way. Over the 14 rounds there are a total of 18 different games played. Plenty of chances to score some points and move up the leader board. Most of all, just enjoy each round as it comes, and after a while those points will stack up. Remember, it's a relaxed friendly league.

Rounds and Format Information

What are Normal Rounds?
What we call a 'Normal' round is where you can only vote for games which have not been played before in the competition. A list of all the games we have played already, and therefore which are not eligible to vote for, is included in the first post of every normal round. Games which were played 7 years (or more) ago may now be eligible again. Please check to make sure your voted games are not on the list.

What are Open Rounds?
Open Rounds are where you are free to vote for any game, even if we have played it before, and as long as the game hasnt been played in the previous season, and is suitable for competition play (see voting rules).

What are Special Rounds?
There are four special rounds over the season. In these we narrow the options for voting, and increase the number of games played in that round to 2 games being chosen in he vote. It makes a nice change of pace, and effectively means double championship points are available in those rounds. The voting thread, and round thread itself, will describe the special rule changes in the first post. So make sure you read it.

What are Themed Rounds? - Updated
In addition to three Open and four Special Rounds, there are three Themed Rounds in the Super League season. In a Themed Round, players can only vote for games in the theme of the round. For example, if the theme was "Golf Games", the eligible games would be golf games. If the theme is "Magazine Reviews in Issue X,Y,Z of Magazine X", the eligible games would be those which were reviewed in those issues of that magazine. If the theme is Year, then only games released in this year can be voted and played. The Moderators select the themes at the start of the season, and players do not get to vote on these.

What are Mystery Rounds?
Lastly, we have two Mystery Rounds - which were added to give some mystery to the competition. For a Mystery Round, a special vote is held two weeks before the regular vote thread is due to start, where players can PM their vote for 2 games which they never played before, or are unfamiliar with. This list of PMd votes will then be made public during the regular vote, and players will then vote for 5 games from the titles on this list.

I still have questions?
No problem. The next post has a more detailed description of the rules. Keep reading.

Dont hesitate to contact a moderator if there is anything here which you dont understand, or if you want us to add something to this general FAQ.

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