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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
True, yet Wepl and the WHDLoad coders are active members of this forum and there is the Mantis bugtracker. Mainly requests and beta tests are dealt with here. I guess my main problem is that Cloanto should be able to make a 'prb' handling service on their own.
Whether there 'should' be one provided by Cloanto seems irrelevant to me. The fact is that they don't have a forum, and none of us have any direct control of that. I'm not suggesting this as a favour to Cloanto, but as something which seems would actually be of use to people who come here with Amiga Forever-related questions or problems. In the last six months I found the following threads:

EAB seems to be THE board for Amiga emulation issues, and while I know a lot of (most?) regulars here prefer alternatives ('standard' WinUAE, ClassicWB, GameBase Amiga, etc etc) it seems to me to be a bit elitist / ideological to exclude one popular emulation solution (especially popular it seems with those new to Amiga emulation).

To me it's not about promoting one solution above others (and certainly not about drumming up sales for Cloanto). Indeed in some cases it might actually be easier/simpler to suggest someone uses WinUAE directly for what they want to do, even if they have purchased Amiga Forever.
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