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JonSick 12 October 2006 20:14

Just a quicky...

I used to be an expert in this but sadly time has caused forgetfulness!

Anyway, is the A600 a closer relative to the A500 or the A1200?

The A600 doesn't have an AGA chipset, does it?

So, for example on title off the top of my head, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge failed horribly on my A1200 of auld but ran fine in my friends A500. So would the A600 run it? Or is it more like the A1200 and therefore no chance?


Graham Humphrey 12 October 2006 20:22

The A600 is a smaller A500+ rather than a standard A500 as it has Kickstart 2 (the original 500 had KS1.2/1.3 as standard), but otherwise is more or less identical. And I'm afraid I have no idea if Lotus works on a KS2 machine.

Paul 12 October 2006 20:23

Why not try the WHDLoad install for the game on your A1200 (if it has a Hard Disk)? :D

heroicnonsense 13 October 2006 00:04

I can confirm all three Lotus games run fine on a standard A600 (not so on an A1200 though).

s2325 13 October 2006 05:08

Try Lotus 96k.

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