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Blitz Basic 2 and Protracker mods

I've been tearing my hair out all day trying to get the most basic code working. In Blitz Basic (AmiBlitz more precisely) I am trying to load a mod, play it and once a user presses a key, load a new mod and play that.

Using the standard tracker code:

      LoadModule 0, x$ + ".mod"
      PlayModule 0
The module plays first time without problems. Once I press a key (thus changing x$ to another filename that exists), it crashes with 0x8000002B.

I tried CIA Tracker Lib (both the one on Aminet and the one xbones one that comes with AmiBlitz) and got the same results. The code:

      FreeTrackerModule 0
      If (LoadTrackerModule (0, x$ + ".mod") = True)
        retval = StartTracker (0)
      End If
If I don't play the mods at all (ie. remove the StartTracker line above), I can load the modules a million times and they will always load correctly. I have verified this. It's only when I try to StartTracker () a second time do things die.

Anyone experienced this and have a workaround?
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I couldn't reproduce your problem with the CIA tracker library, although I've run into my own problems before.
I'm using Blitz2 and not Amiblitz, so there could be some skittishness between the versions. Even so it seems very odd that such a commonplace command set is failing like this.

But to check:
Do you have any other libraries installed that could be causing a conflict? DEFLIBMAN and BlitzLibMan can help (I actually need both to reconstruct deflibs to something that will work).
Obvious - but are you getting low on RAM?

Otherwise putting the question to Amiforce.de might help.

The following didn't work for me (corrupted mods), but may be worth a try. Both examples load the module in binary, the first via INCBIN and the second by loading into a bank and decoding from there.
We really need a lib for PHX's new protracker player. Eventually I gave up on protracker and started using Leffmann's excellent Omed player.

DecodeModule  0,?modtest
Modtest: INCBIN “path$,module”       ;at the end of your code 

DecodeModule  0,Start(0)
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You solved it in one. AmiBlitz was the culprit. Once I switched to regular Blitz Basic 2, everything worked as it should.

Thanks for the tip, leathered!
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Does CIA tracker library work on KS 1.3 ?

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