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DiscreetFX Increases Open Video Toaster Instant Bounties

Chicago, Illinois – August 20th, 2009

For Immediate Release

In an effort to increase application availability on Amiga OS 4.1, MorphOS & AROS DiscreetFX has just increased the Instant Bounties on Open Video Toaster's CG application. What is an Instant Bounty? This is a bounty that is paid once a programmer has requested and been assigned a programming task for Open Video Toaster. What is Amiga ToasterCG? It is a surprisingly well featured easy to use character generator that's code is very portable even if you don't have an Amiga Video Toaster card. Debug versions of this application existed in NewTek that did not require the Toaster hardware.

Instant Bounties do take a little trust on our part since they are paid before coding even begins. Programmer past developments and applications will be taken into serious consideration and help gain them approval for OVT Instant Bounties. Programmers should review source code for the bounty in question before applying for consideration. Each development task for OVT will have set guidelines and coding time limits.

The larger goal of this contest is to stimulate development of video editing and video production software for MorphOS, Amiga OS 4.1 & AROS. This also allows us to see which 3rd party developer base is most passionate and serious about bringing their favorite operating system of choice back into mainstream video editing. Dedication and passion is what will bring Amiga successor operating systems back into relevance not mysterious companies who's true motives are unknown. Once upon a time with Video Toaster the Amiga was king of desktop video and computer assisted video editing. While in today's modern times it can no longer be king it could yet again be one of the many choices customers consider. The Amiga Video Toaster's ease of use and learning curve are still relevant even after all this time. You will not be editing you next HD block buster with the Amiga Video Toaster but you could teach yourself video editing in about 20 minutes.

Amiga Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer cards are getting hard to come by so the importance of Open Video Toaster grows. DiscreetFX has already increased the bounties to the following amounts.

First three of many OVT Instant Bounties are for the Toaster Character Generator

Port ToasterCG to AROS and remove hardware dependencies. Making CG take advantage of NVIDIA or ATI framebuffer cards is a bonus for the bounty but not required. AROS CG, $500 donation now increased by DiscreetFX.

Port ToasterCG to Amiga OS 4.1 and remove hardware dependencies. Making CG take advantage of NVIDIA or ATI framebuffer cards is a bonus for the bounty but not required. OS 4.1 CG, $600 is already donated by DiscreetFX and OS4.1 supporters.

Port ToasterCG to MorphOS and remove hardware dependencies. Making CG take advantage of NVIDIA or ATI framebuffer cards is a bonus for the bounty but not required. Morph CG, $500 is already donated by DiscreetFX.

Donations are paid instantly via Paypal to programmers that are assigned each bounty.

Download source code from the link below.

Open Video Toaster

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team
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