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WinUAE close to perfection .... ?

What a great job Toni has done with this emulator. I remember thinking...

I wish there was a way of stretching the screen image to fill the monitor while still displaying proper scanlines, etc - which was done

It would be nice to have the old floppy sounds for total nostalgia - which was done (to my surprise)

Shame the sound has to lag slightly behind the action (but I could live with it) - which was fixed

Perhaps a way in the GUI for selecting which Amiga model to emulate (but still with the option of fine-tuning) for ease of use - which was done

Vertically synced graphics modes would be nice for totally smooth scrolling - which was done

Being able to connect a real Amiga HD to the PC for easy setup would be great - which was done

Some kind of way of taking the pain out of disk-swapping would be useful - which was done

and many other things

Now I find myself running out of things to put on a wish list ... but here goes

Prolly a bug or my crappy Creative sound card, but I'm getting a slight varying pitch in sound as people have previously mentioned (I'm sure this will be fixed)

Er .. Some kind of TV emulation would be cool - I know the screen output behaves the same way as an Amiga monitor but the image on a TV was always properly scaled/positioned, etc (I think I remember Toni saying this was not possible)

Um ... I would like to be able to specify which disk(s) to insert via the command line with the emulator using it's default config file - basically for making shortcuts in windows, ie C:\winuae\winuae.exe -df0 lemmings.adf (or something). I know different config files can be specified via the command line but I can't be arsed to create a different one for each game.

Effects like scanlines or aperture grills applied in the same way as recent versions of Mame would be nice. It seems an elegant solution to me.

Apart from that I can't think of anything

BTW I'm only really interested in the classic Amigas - made by Commodore with Motorola processors - no PPC bollox

Thanks Toni - you are, as they say, the man
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You can specify which disks to insert via a command line, GameBase Amiga uses 1 config file and inserts the correct disks via command line


winuae.exe -f config.uae -0c:\adfs\turrican2.adf

and -1 for df1: etc
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ah ok - cheers Belgarath

didn't realise that - another one off the list then :P
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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Although I'm not into MorphOS and all that other crap an emulation of PPC on classic Amigas would be a nice future enhancement. A couple of my A4000s have PPCs in them and it would be cool to see these emulated

When Jens makes it possible with a core update I'd like to see WinUAE make use of real CatWeasal floppy I/O

It's not important for 99% of programs, but MMU emulation would be a welcome addition for some I'm sure.

But even if Toni never implements any of these features I'm perfectly happy with WinUAE as it is Top marks
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