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Baked Produce

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The Knockout 2022/23: Qualifying - Batman

Batman [lemon] [hol]

Welcome to the qualifying round of this year's Knockout contest.

The Knockout takes place over 5 weeks. Where we play 4 games in a row. A set number of players from this round will qualify for the group stage and some of them go on to one versus one matches. Until one player wins the tournament.

The players that go forward will be seeded into 3 groups using a key letter (the first letter of the 6th placed player's name).

Qualifying thresholds:
10+ players enter = 9 qualify
14+ players enter = 12 qualify
17+ players enter = 15 qualify

If you would like to take part please be sure that you are able to play in all rounds, in case you make it to the final.

Later games are Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97, Slam Tilt, and Buggy Boy.

Good luck everyone.

Round Ends: 23:59 (UK Time) on Saturday 17th December 2022

  • Get the best score you can, during this round.
  • Post screenshots of your score in this thread, and write the score nearby.
  • Scores to be achieved without save-states, trainers, passwords, and cheats.
  • No continues or infinite score leeching.
  • Full rules and info are HERE.
Special Scoring and Rules:
  • If you game over on level 1 submit your normal score + 200,000
  • From level 2 onwards your Final Score = (Level x 200,000) - Score + (Lives x 10,000)
  • From level 2 onwards take your screenshots at the start of the level.
  • At the end, take your final screenshot of Joker on the ladder, before he is dead. F1 = Pause
There are 5 levels plus completion
1. Factory
2. Bat Mobile
3. Bat Cave
4. Bat Wing
5. Cathedral
6. Joker on Ladder (finishing the game counts as level 6)

Get the Game:
Due to differences and bugs please use these versions.

982,400 Bubba'n'Stix 2
974,140 LinesMachine
912,600 Biscuit
837,290 el_pasi
824,140 Stevengton
769,360 capehorn
767,140 lifeschool
517,230 Parpala
369,340 Messiah79
357,090 pasquale
340,950 RuySan
200,010 john4p

  • Lemon's Knockout Qualifying thread is HERE.
  • Super League 2022 Round 8 threads on Lemon and EAB.

All new players are welcome at any time. Join us!

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Baked Produce

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I'm no expert at this but I got to the end. "Tell all your friends about me."

(6 * 200,000) - 287,400 + 0 = 912,600

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Oh, how annoying. In the roof of last level, I started to look for pressing F1-key to pause game and get picture of Joker. Didn't remember there was more enemy coming, and after a few second of shooting died there.

(5x200,00)-182710+(2x10,000) = 837,290
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Baked Produce

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Only 2 days left. If you can make it to level 2 there's a chance of getting to the next round. Level 3 might secure it. And if we can get a few more players we could have more people go through to the next round. Get your scores in before the end of Saturday (UK Time).
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Just enough time to get in a quick go.

(5x200,000)-230,640 = 769,360

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Baked Produce

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Everything updated. Thanks for the entries. Sadly we lose 3 of you.

Next we need to seed and randomly allocate the top 9 players into 3 groups. The top 3 players form the head of each group. The next three (4-6) will be split into each group. And so on.

Bubba'n'Stix 2 v ? v ? v ?
LinesMachine v ? v ? v ?
Biscuit v ? v ? v ?

Our key letter is C = 3. Using that number we keep counting round players 4,5,6 until landing on a player. That player is removed and put in Group A and we do it again for the remaining players for Groups B and C. Then repeating it for players 7,8,9.

And the result is



Group A:
Bubba'n'Stix 2

Group B:

Group C:

EAB got a favourable split there. New threads in a min.
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