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Baked Produce

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Super League 2022: Round 13 - Cast Your Votes

Welcome to the vote for the games we will be playing in round 13.

Mystery Vote

Are you ready for the big reveal?

We have an educational mix of Amiga games. Such a weird and wonderful collection. The top two games will be played in a double round.

This vote ends at 23:59 (UK Time) on Saturday 8th October 2022.
  • Vote for up to 5 games and rank them 1st - 5th.
  • Please choose games suitable for competition play.
  • If a game has ECS and AGA versions, state your preference. ECS is default.
  • Each vote for a game gives it 10 points.
  • Edited votes will not be counted.
  • Take a look at the Lemon Amiga voting choices HERE.
You can vote from the following games:

9 Lives [lemon] [hol]
Apprentice [lemon] [hol]
Baby Jo in 'Going Home' [lemon] [hol]
Boston Bomb Club [lemon] [hol]
Carthage [lemon] [hol]
Cyberpunks [lemon] [hol]
Darkman [lemon] [hol]
Death Angel [lemon] [hol]
Devious Designs [lemon] [hol]
Doofus [lemon] [hol]
Evil Garden [lemon] [hol]
Extase [lemon] [hol]
Fatman: The Caped Consumer [lemon] [hol]
Fire and Brimstone [lemon] [hol]
Fred's Journey [lemon] [hol]
Galaxy 89 [lemon] [hol]
Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de Rene Tænder (the colgate game) [lemon] [hol]
Lethal Zone [lemon] [hol]
Lollypop [lemon] [hol]
Lost in Mine [lemon] [hol]
Manic Miner [lemon] [hol]
Nicky II [lemon] [hol]
Pinkie [lemon] [hol]
Prime Mover [lemon] [hol]
Rage (Scorpius) [lemon] [hol]
Space Ranger [lemon] [hol]
Storm Master [lemon] [hol]
Super Tennis Champs [lemon] [hol]
Vaxine [lemon] [hol]
Vital Light [lemon] [hol]
Vortex [lemon] [hol]
World Class Rugby '95 [lemon] [hol]
Zoom! [lemon] [hol]

Super League updates available via Twitter.

Everyone is welcome to vote, play, and chat at anytime.

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Baked Produce

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1. Apprentice
2. Fred's Journey
3. Lethal Zone
4. Nicky II
5. Vital Light

just noticed that's in alphabetical order
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1. Lollypop
2. Super Tennis Champs
3. Galaxy 89
4. Lethal Zone
5. Death Angel
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It was a very close finish and the winning games are Lollypop and Super Tennis Champs. Which mean there are a few decisions to make about scoring. I would appreciate a little advice as I'm new to both games.

Lollypop. I noticed on level 1 there is an easy opportunity to score infinitely using the bouncing balls. They never stop coming. I don't know if this is the only spot for this? Does anyone know. We can rely on trust or play for distance based on level reached and lives left.

Super Tennis Champs has a few game modes. Tournament and Tour don't seem the right choice. The league table only shows the number of games won. Whereas individual matches have more stats to make a score. Game length can be changed and court surface chosen (hard/grass/clay).

Would it be more fun to focus on beating 1 player in a 3 set match, trying to improve your stats? Or a few players in 1 set matches? Or something else? And which players to chose?

There's a week to get some feedback and ideas in before a decision is made.

60 Lollypop (111223)
60 Super Tennis Champs (223344)

50 Apprentice (11145)
50 Fire and Brimstone (12445)

40 World Class Rugby '95 (1145)
40 Nicky II (1244)
40 Galaxy 89 (2333)
40 Manic Miner (5555)

30 Boston Bomb Club (112)
30 Lethal Zone (134)
30 Vital Light (145)

20 Baby Jo in 'Going Home' (22)
20 Fred's Journey (23)
20 Prime Mover (23)
20 Evil Garden (33)
20 Lost in Mine (34)

Total: 15 votes
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