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Savestates - Problems after Slave-Updates (Dir-Name)

Hello together,

why was it decided to write the savegames/highscores in a directory named after the slave incl. VERSION NUMBER?

I see a big problem here: There are always updates on the slaves ... 1.1->1.2. If I now play a game with 1.1 and then for some reason have to update to 1.7 and this is then also supported by FS_UAE, I'm out of luck. My savegame and my high score are in the 1.1 directory.

OpenRetro works with a parent_uuid here. Couldn't the directory be called /parent_uuid/ (or possibly the "official" game title as a supplement [more clearly])? This would then be compatible with all slaves. It wouldn't matter if a slave is updated - or if you change from a DE slave to an ENG slave of the same game - even if you change by mistake because you have several slaves.

For games that are not supported by OpenRetro, one would have to consider how best to do this. Here, the current name is used. I had the problem that I had seen an error and wanted to change it - and my save directory was gone . But the question is primarily aimed at OpenRetro-compatible games.

On Recalbox there was a completely different solution (unfortunately it didn't make it into the official release): The WHDLoad file was copied into a temp directory (archives weren't possible at that time) => if there were changes (savegame, highscore), all files that changed were copied into the actual directory. So you always had an up-to-date WHDLoad with your savegames / high scores. And could even easily transfer this to another system ...

That would also be an idea for FS_UAE: Savegame / Highsore are saved IN WHDLoad (the question would be how well you can create lhas under Windows, Linux etc. ... otherwise WHDLoads convert to ZIP). Another advantage would be "Crossplay" - I can pull the WHDload on the real Amiga and continue playing my savegame there - or switch to a Raspi or easily switch from Windows to Linux. I only have to move the Whdload game (at Recalbox, however, they weren't so enthusiastic about it - there is only one system that you should use ... so this topic does not exist at all). The reason for the rejection was also stated: If the WHDLoad breaks while saving, blabla -> a) backup copy of its WHDloads; b) You can get the WHDLoad from somewhere; c) Floppies could also break on the real Amiga - that was much more tragic than if an archive breaks today ...

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Hi, I completely agree that the current situation is far from ideal. In general, WHDLoad slave updates are not handled very well (migration of favorite variant in Launcher isn't handled, savegames are not carried over, etc).

Using one save directory per game (not variant) is indeed a possible solution, but there are some pitfalls here as well. Among other things, savestates should still be unique per variant (but that could be stored in per-variant subdirs). And of course, it isn't strictly necessarily true that saves are safe to share between variants, though the probably often are. This applies to both WHDLoad and floppy variants.

Another possibility is some kind of upgrading helper in the Launcher where saves are carried over when you upgrade to a newer variant (semi-automatically).

I will definitively do something about this for FS-UAE Launcher 4. But exactly what solution we'll end up with, I'm not quite sure yet. I will have to spend some time thinking about this.
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