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DiscreetFX Presents - The Vampire V4 Contest Winner

We are very happy to announce the winner of the Vampire V4 Contest. This contest required no purchase and was a gift to one lucky winner in the Amiga community. The winner was randomly selected by an Amiga number generator application. Kevin's Vampire order request has already been submitted and he will also get an awesome brand new Amiga joystick from AmigaKit when his Vampire V4 is ready to ship. Here are the links from the hardware developers to order the joystick and a Vampire for anyone else interested in buying them.



The winner was kind enough to provide a Bio about himself, it's listed below.

Kevin Saunders

I work full time work is at a University in Brisbane, Australia as a Graphic/Motion Designer and video editor. Originally born in the UK (Coventry), but have lived most of my life here in Australia.

Hobbies include designing games/graphics/animation on the Commodore Amiga. While my first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464 (and Atari 2600) before that, my passion and love is for the Amiga. The first time I saw the A1000 in a shop window with the amazement of the colours/animation/sound capabilities of this very unique computer. Saved up money with my brother to buy the A500 with SCSI expansion and memory added later. Then moved onto an Amiga1200 with memory/030 accelerator and that’s currently my favourite machine. Did also own an A4000 with Cybervision64 card and started learning Lightwave 3D. I do regret selling both the A1200 and A4000 back in the day but it did help me learn new skills using Photoshop and other tools which then led onto working at a University for 20+ years.

Today I still use Lightwave and Brilliance II for current game projects. Other software I really Dpaint, Directory Opus and other Mac/PC/Ipad tools. In recent times for example I used Brilliance II to create a video animation dedicated to Florian Schneider “Kraftwerk”. On my future to-do’s list I plan to create more animations and push the software/hardware as far as it can go (I do still dream of one-day using Brilliance III).

I have published a few games (Reshoot, ReshootR, Rygar, Iridium and Lunar Jetman Remake). I have also worked with Edgar M.Vigdal and we planned to release Warblade MKII among other games till his passing, we did however release “Dots Adventures” (which I hope to port to the Amiga Classic hardware). Currently games in development for the Amiga are (Reshoot Proxima III, Boss Machine and Aquabyss), all 3 should be release this year (fingers crossed). Helping other developers at the moment with Box Art for Turbo Sprint and a few other people on various Amiga projects.

Over the years I have also worked with A-EON on various posters, branding, software applications (Sketchblock, PPaint, Amistore, X5000, X1222, Amiwest, Amigakit, Enhancer, boot animations etc) as well as creating lots of assets for the well known Amiga 30th, created posters, T-shirts, stickers.

The Amiga scene in 2021 has a great buzz and I love being part of it…. Amiga Forever ?

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/invent71
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KevinFSaunders
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KevinSaunders
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/invent71/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KevinSaunders
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/kevinsaunders

Congrats Kevin and all the best from DiscreetFX

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Needs a life

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Congrats Kevin! Great to see companies supporting the community like this too, thank you!
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Thanx, we have tried to support and promote the Amiga for many years with contests, Open Video Toaster and other things.
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Congratulation invent!!!

Couldn't have happen to a nicer guy, who deserves this given all that you do for the Amiga community
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Congratulations Kevin! Maybe this will help further your creativity!
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Ex nihilo nihil

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You lucky guy !
Well done mate !

(and applause for the contest and Vampire team)

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Congratulations to a worthy winner.

And thanks for running the contest.
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Zone Friend

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Glad to see that chance has chosen such a talented Amigan.

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Thankyou DiscreetFX, very honoured to be the lucky winner and can't wait to sink my teeth into some/lots of Vampire development. Besides playing with software on the system really keen on working with the ApolloOS team and other developers.
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@invent , let me know, if you need help with anything been using my v4sa for a while now. [ Show youtube player ] currently backing up my stuff for beta testing new oses and new v4bl ( vampire 4 boot loader arranges multiples oses on one compact flash card for maprom kickstart etc)
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performance soon to become on v4 sa https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...4L?usp=sharing
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Thankyou @digiflip will do, and that user guide in the google drive is very handy (noticed it in the Vampire Discord recently). I'm already eyeing off reworking those dock icons, very cool and professional pdf.
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You jammy git
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Congratulations, Kevin!

And thanks to Pyromania for his generosity!
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