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@tcd :
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You got the idea. I guess I'll never learn, but there are posts to be merged and questions to be answered in a vague fashion...

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From what i've read, every single prick who got banned deserved it. Period. Take your time Damien. Galahad once was close too quitting the board, but then he gave it a proper thought.
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Although I didn't always agree with Damiens opinions I must say that he did an awesome job. And don't forget how much work this is if you really look after all of the subforums not even mentioning the extra "homework" he did.

I don't know about the discussions that led to this but I'd hope that Damien stays as a member, and just logs off and on just as he likes to.
As some already mentioned, being a normal member also means more time, less worries and free speech.

Thanks for all your work Damien, also thanks for managing and sponsoring the 2019 game competition.
I really hope you stay this or that way!

You don't want to join a stamp collecting society, it is exactly here where we maybe have different opinions but share the same passion.
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You've done an amazing service with your collection, Damien (among many other things). We all appreciate what you've done. If you feel the need to step away, temporarily or even forever, so be it. But many, many of us will miss you.

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Hi Damien,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hardwork. I understand the work load and ungratefulness can get to anyone.

Take a break, reset yourself and do come back as a mod in the future.

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I also think you did a tremendous job, Damien.

It's super difficult to be a mod in an Amiga related forum and still have opinions about stuff and participate (which I noticed during my short stint as a mod on the A1K forum).

I wasn't always on your side with things, but I never questioned you being a great mod.

Hopefully you stay as a member, would be bad to lose someone of your dedication to the community...
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I think a well deserved break will do you good, Damien. I think the amount of moderation you were doing was grinding you down. Hope to see you back later.
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My only wish is that DamienD will not leave the board

Indeed i think is an important member for the community

But if he want to take a break, well, we are human, we all need a break sometimes
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Already posted this in the "private : Global Moderators Forum" and "private : Moderators Forum" sections...

...but thought I should also announce it here to make it official.

I know I haven't been the best moderator at times but... it's not an easy job.

Looking forward to becoming a "normal" member again where I don't have to worry about / deal with daily various tasks

...just waiting for RCK to make this happen.
I am always late with catching up on threads here at EAB (or life in general). But sorry to read to see you go as a mod. In the past 16+ years I never ran into any problems with any mod, including you. Always great input, not too much present as some kind of censoring bastard running around hitting everyone on the fingers...

On the other side, good to see that you don't leave the Amiga community as such Can I now bash you without penalty in upcoming years?
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jeff b00toNic
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The hardest working guy leaving?

What a stupid decission really.

Keep your head up DamienD!!!
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Hi DamienD,

Enjoy your newfound freedom.

The silent majority , including myself, very much appreciate your efforts and tenacity over the years.

Best wishes for the future,
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Originally Posted by BippyM View Post
I think a break from this all will benefit both Damien and the EAB, and when he returns (and i am sure ye will once he's had some time to enjoy Amiga again) I am sure there will be a moderation post for him..
I hope so returning, Damien has always done his duty well

Damien, my friend, I wish you the best.

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Thank You very kindly for all Your hard work for us and for system we love. I can not describe how much You have done in simple words. I only hope You will stay on EAB, maybe less active. Take Your time, enjoy Your life.
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Even though I haven't been a member of EAB for long, I came to deeply respect DamienD and I feel that he has offered time, money and soul for the community, although I don't share his views on a lot of topics. Having been a mod myself on a quite active forum, I can understand how difficult it is to keep a balance between being a mod and a person with (strong) opinions.

I hope he will stick around and that this silly forum bickering will not diminish his passion for the Amiga.
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End of an era but hopefully not the end of a legend.
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Welcomed by you as a new user all those many moons ago, proud to now call you a friend.

On a side note, it will be interesting to see which of the mods will be taking up the slack now that you are no longer able.

Oh and one last thing ... empty your PM's lol

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I didn't agree on all of your views but but I'll always appreciate your generosity, your passion for Amiga, your hard work moderating EAB, and your help. Sorry to see you go.
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Many thanks for your work!
You did a great job!
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