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Couple of Disks and Covers

Just found some old cover disks, most of the stuff is already on the site, but got a couple of things that are not there.

I've got both cover disks from


I've used EasyADF and scanned the disks.

Also got both cover disks from


Can't seem to use EasyADF, but scanned the disks as you don't appear to have a disk image of Superdisk No.68

I'll upload above into the zone
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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I remember AUI started using Diskspare to pack more data onto the 2nd disk. It could be why this doesn't ADF nicely.

Is there a method that these coverdisks could be archived for AMR? Would a WWarp image or similar be appropriate ?
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SPS dumping tool would be the best I think, eventually we hope to release the coverdisks as SPS images. WWarp as a backup is fine...
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Thanks for the uploads Phantomz - will add them to AMR tonight if I have time.
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Originally Posted by musashi5150 View Post
I remember AUI started using Diskspare to pack more data onto the 2nd disk. It could be why this doesn't ADF nicely.

Is there a method that these coverdisks could be archived for AMR? Would a WWarp image or similar be appropriate ?
I don't understand what your saying at all, please explain in detail.

I know the only way to use diskspare with even number superdisks was with using blockspertrack=12.

But they are on amiga DD disks and not in any archive on each disk. So the disk must be using blockspertrack=11. There by diskspre would have been no use at all for making these disks. As the user would not be able to read such diskspre disks. It is the problem i have now, maybe this info you say here was incorrectly written in the magazine and we both read it. Only i packed even number superdisks of 50 and above with diskspre. And now have the bigger problem of getting them back onto 880k DD amiga disks. Or blockpertrack-11 adf image.
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On this note quite a while ago. I actually unpacked all the superdisks I own into ADFs. I was hoping to contribute those. I am still renaming them, lol. Either that or I just contribute them not renamed.

These are:

1995 issues: February, May, September, October, December
1996 issues: January, February, March, April, May, July, September, December
1997 issues: March

Since the original filenames of each dumped disk that was unpacked from a superdisk is: AUIMMMYYd.adz
M(Month), Y(Year), d(disk number, in alphabetical order, not numeric e.g. 'a' i.e. '1').

The time I get onto renaming all of them. By now I could have already uploaded them with their original filenames, they could have been renamed by: CodeTapper or Galaxy, or some other AMR Team Member.

Having an SPS image of a Superdisk is good to have as an archive of the original disk. Although, you still need to unpack the contents onto blank disks or ADFs anyway. So, I guess the time I took to extract and dump the contents of the superdisks was not wasted.

Some of these superdisk issues unpack to around 7-8 disks.

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