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VGA Extender

VGA Extender

These things are new to me - basically they allow you to have your monitor a loooong way from your pute.
Well, I'm don't have any use for it's primary function (distance) but as they achieve that goal by converting the VGA signal to run down a Cat5 cable & back to VGA @ the other end, and they aren't that expensive...
D*mn-it! Does anyone know if this would be another way of connecting a miggie to a modern monitor?
Putting it another way:
Will one of these boxes scan down to 15khz & then 'magically' produce something @ the other end that a TFT could handle?

Lateral thinking...
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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sorry my friend, this just aplifies and transposes signals onto Cat5 cable *8pin cable* so that would be R,G,B,Hsync, Ysysnc and Ground, it might transpose the rgb grounds too.

but there wont be any re-scaling my friend.
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Bum - another idea bites the dust...
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Whatever happened to all those $50 scandoubler projects people are always proposing on the internets!?

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