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AmigaGS Project Reborn

Hi all.

AmigaGS is an old project I've started some years ago ( 5+ ).
It stopped due to work, and other things of the life that didn't leave me enough free time to work on but now,
I want to restart the project so,
I post here a brief descrption of the project.

The project may work from Amiga 500 up to Amiga 1200 with 68060.

What does AmigaGS is ?
AmigaGS mean "Amiga Game Studio".
It's a game development environement for all 680x0 Amiga(s).
It contain a set of .LIBRARY and DevPAC 3 Macros.

In Which langage is developed AmigaGS ?
I use DevPAC 3

How does it work ?
In fact, it's quite simple. You have a MACRO to setup AmigaGS.
It will then check which CPU is in your computer, which graphic chipset and will open the .LIBRARY optimised for the corresponding CPU/Graphic chipset.
After this, you'll have a set of MACRO(s) that will define PSEUDO-BASIC-COMMANDS (I'll call them PBC later).
PBC will call the DLL to execute internal commands.
Each library cover a range og PBC commands. For example, you have an IMAGE Library that handle things like : Get Image, Paste Image, Image Width(), Image Height()

What are the actual limitations ?
Actually AmigaGS works only with : 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040, 68060, 68881/2, ECS, AGA it does not handle CGX, RTG but, it own internal C2P functions to display 3D on AGA screens.

Project Status ?
The project contain some Library that are fully working:
Devices/FileIO.Library: Load/Save Files, Read Bytes,Word,Long, Float, String from files.
Devices/Joystick.Library: Handle standard (1 or 2 buttons) and CD32 joypad.
Graphics/Chunky: Handle C2P functions for 68020/68040 CPU optimised.
Graphics/DisplayAGA: Handle AGA display
Graphics/Screens: Handle ECS/AGA chipram screens.
Graphics/Fonts: Handle text fonts (not fully working)
Graphics/Icons: Handle CPU/Blitter images (make image, paste image, etc... )
Graphics/Format: Handle LBM/Raw image loading/saving
Graphics/Effects: Handle some effects like old Super Nintendo mosaics.
Maths/Trigo: Handle maths like Cos/Sin, etc... for CPU/FPU
Memory/Management: Handle memory management (memblocks, ramblocks)
System/Control: To alter CPU/Caching methods.

I will probably change the Library organisation for a better optimised one.
If many people feel interested in the project, I will make it reborn
I can also post a link for a demo of the actual build.
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french are productive on the amiga I see (amigaGS, eob map viewer,...)

BTW, I have reading 2 time this post and think: It's a scala ,shoot em'up construction kit or RSI demomaker ???? It's hard to understand for me the description who seemed to be made for co-developper wanted ???

The work done for this wonderfull project, I imagine, was high and this project is done but need uptodate for gfx cards, for example, or need always a lots of job ???

well done for the job and hope this project could see the light again.

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In fact AmigaGS is a set of Library/MACROS to help code games in a faster way.
It give commands like in BASIC langage directly in ASM.
Actually, no editor is planed but maybe later...
it's not a game maker.
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