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Does Warp3D work on a Voodoo 5 5500 Mediator PCI Setup?


Does anyone have this working?

I've been googling for the last hour and all I can find are people who do not have it working and no solutions

My Setup is:

A1200 1D4
Mediator PCI 1200SX
Voodoo 5 5500 64mb
Blizzard 1260 + SCSI (only used for RAM) Total 128mb
4 Way Buffered IDE (2.5in HDD & DVDRW) IDEFix97
Classic Workbench P96 (Workbench 3.1)
Picasso 96 Drivers Installed
Latest Mediator Drivers from Elbox site
Warp3D is included with the above

Whatever 3D app I try to open i.e Demo's or Blitzquake I get:

Error opening of display failed

Anyone out there able to help me?


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Sure it works, its just not very streight forward.

running MedConfig, youll have needed to set up video memory to be warp3d compatable which means something like 8 mb reserved for video and the rest for other pci cards and whatever.

Now on the command line, when running Showconfig, you should see an 8meg slot of Memory (hopefully video ram) and this address needs to be entered into WarpOS prefs video address (if you have os39) or manualy set in envarc:warp3d/gfxddress and enable forced. (EDIT: This may be relevent to PPC only - and for 68k, MedConfig will take care of it all.)

Also, in Picasso96 PVS program, you may need to set available modes to show all, as a few of the mesa/w3d stuff asks for 15 bit modes.

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Did you ever get Warp3D working? I have Warp3D working on a Voodoo 4 which also uses the VSA-100 gpu but I'm using the 3000T/4000T version of the Mediator. The 1200 Mediator setup is more complex. You should use the MMU version on the 1200 as the non-MMU version has problems.

My ENVARC:Mediator settings are...
FastEthernet 0
VoodooInt YES
VoodooMem 15
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Hi Matthey,

No sucess yet however I spend yesterday working on other projects. It just so happens I am using the exact same settings as you, I think maybe the problem is something in Classic Workbench, Ill probably try again with stock OS3.9

Today Ive got 2250 WHDLoad games to get through on my A1200 Desktop =)

@Mad-Matt. thanks for the advice, Ill try these things too.

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The answer is Yes!!!!

The problem was with the Warp3D driver the Mediator CD installer script installs the A4000 driver by mistake, once I deleted the following files:

> Libs:Warp3D/GFXdrivers/W3D_Picasso96.library - 4.2
> Libs:Warp3D/GFXdrivers/W3D_Picasso96_PPC.library - 4.2
> Libs:Warp3D/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerBE.library - 4.2
> Libs:Warp3D/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerBE_PPC.library - 4.2
> Libs:Warp3D/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerLE.library - 4.2
> Libs:Warp3D/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerLE_PPC.library - 4.2

And replaced with:

Libs:Warp3d/GFXdrivers/W3D_Picasso96M_PPC.library v1.0
Libs:Warp3d/GFXdrivers/W3D_Picasso96MU.library v4.2
Libs:Warp3d/GFXdrivers/W3D_Picasso96M.library v4.2

Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerBEM.library v4.2
Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerBEM_PPC.library v4.2
Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerBEMU.library v4.2

Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerLEM.library v4.2
Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerLEM_PPC.library v4.2
Libs:Warp3d/HWdrivers/W3D_AvengerLEMU.library v4.2

Everything was fine
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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this info is golden m8!!!
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