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First and formeost, this is part of the EAB so EAB rules apply first and foremost!!

Other rules:

1). Transparency must be used (select B in the sprite ripper before saving)
2). PNG format only
3). All sprites/maps must have the border around them unless they are sprites which require being joined (turrican 2 and warzone are good examples)
4). Once a sprite/map gfx is added to the sprites web sythetics, x_to or myslef will edit the users post, delete the sprite/gfx proof and note (in say red) that it has been added
5). all ripped gfx files have a common sense filename that includes the following info:

Game Name_Level_SubLevel_MAPSPRITENAME.png

for example

Leander_enemy1 is not really descriptive
Leander_Lev1-1_DogEnemy1 is perfect

6). All gfx from a level are in a subfolder with the level name
7). ONLY PNG gfx are accepted (Convert them huge BMPs)
8). Get the rip RIGHT!! makesure you are careful about your ripping, we don't want erraneous pixels above/below the sprite do we! check and then double check. Also makesure you get the palette looking right, if you are not sure use PSP and manually edit it!!


In order to post your sprites we need to know what game(s) you are working on, to do this there will be a centralised thread which you can post what games you are ripping gfx from and what levels etc.. then one of us MODS will edit the thread and keep all info centralised (see the relevant thread for info!)

Once the game you are working on has been decided you need to create a thread with the following subject header format:

RIPPING - Game Name (AGA)

In the actual thread the 1st post is an info post which you are responsible for maintaining, you need to include the following basic info (in this format):

Level x info
number sprite rips (enemy & char)
Number map rips

example for say Alien Breed

Level 1 - World 1
Character Sprites - Ripped
Alien 1 sprites - Ripped
Alien 2 Sprites - In process
Alien 3 sprites - Palette Problems
Map 1 Sprites - Ripped
Map 2 Sprites - Modulo problems

Level 1 - World 2
Character Sprites - As Level 1
Alien 1 Sprites - As Level 1
Alien 2 Sprites - Ripped


As you can see it's a fairly simple process, and all the sprites are attached to subsequent posts.

Once submitted, one of the mods takes the sprites and examines it to ensure no rules are broken, if mod is satisfied then he edits the first post to reflect the following:

Level 1 - World 1
Character Sprites - Ripped - Approved
Alien 1 sprites - Ripped - Approved
Alien 2 Sprites - In process
Alien 3 sprites - Palette Problems
Map 1 Sprites - Ripped - Needs redoing - allignment problems
Map 2 Sprites - Modulo problems

Once sprites are approved and included within the database the Mod will delete the attachment(s)

If you are not sure about anything then please reply here
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I agree to every rule except 1 and 3 !

Problem of rule 1:
For example when you rip the Turrican 1 Tiles and use the GfxRip B then
the colors of the background tiles are wrong. As the color 0 would be normally black

Problem of rule 3:
It is nice to have borders around all map tiles and sprites,
but when doing more complicated rips from sprites
it takes much time to add borders with hand.
We should also add Rips without borders. People
can add borders later to ripped things, if they want.

For example the great Alien Breed 2 Rips they have
transparency, good naming scheme, but no borders.
Should we add them ?
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I think border should not be inserted,its better slice tiles to a single image and image could be very easy counted for pixels.

rule 1 - no problem cause everybody can replace magenta back to black.

I want to know also:

1. Will be gfxrip supported and updated ?
2. are there freeware tools for quick replacing pallette ? (I dont want to buy Paint shop Pro for it)
3. are there freeware tools to slice tiles from image ? for example I have 160x160px image with 10x 10 tiles - I setup tool that image is 16x16px and click save - and tool will extract 100 images from that file ?

nobody knows answers for these questions ?

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1. GfxRipper *might* be supported. If there is a request for functionality that would greatly improve the usefullness of the utility or if there is a need for a generic ripping method that can be used on a lot of games. Unfortunetly I don't have much free time to add things that would only help with ripping one or two games.

2. Paint Shop Pro comes also in a shareware version which only pops up a window at startup - you can use palette functions with that (or atleast you could with version 6 which I am using)

3. No idea

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