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Brat - Playable Demo

The playable demo of Brat appeared in issue 31 of The One dated April 1991. The coverdisk is ST-Amiga Dual Format by Rob Northen Computing, so the Brat demo can be loaded into an ST other or an Amiga.

The ST version is available but the Amiga version is not, does anybody know where i can find it? Failing that, does somebody have the original coverdisk with knowledge to turn into an adf or ipf?

I know there is another demo of Brat on the Amiga but that is not playable, it would be nice to have both. I need it because I am compiling WHDLoad games in Amiga Forever of games I used to play in the day, and I always like to have the demo along with the full game in my list, since I normally played the demo before I bought the full game.

Many thanks in advance...
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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I have the original coverdisk of this. So if you can't find it elsewhere I'm sure we could do something with that
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Could you make an adf of that disk and put it in the zone?
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Probably not if it's dual format (depending on how it's laid out). I could potentially take the Amiga part and put it onto a standard stand alone ADF if people want that?

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This must be the disk


Sadly the copy I have here is not working. Tried it in the 4000, 500 and 2000. I guess I could fire up the Falcon (wash my mouth out) No fear, I have thousands of disks so I wouldn't give up hope. Just might take a while. I'm sure there is someone on these forums who knows I do remember.

Not sure whether the data is still on the disk. I'll have a play. I did try to ADFBlitz-it but it didn't do the 40 seconds so I guess it failed.

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Oh and my latest demos uploaded. I'll be doing regular uploads, I have thousands to go.

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I realy lke this Demo back in the day maybe you can create a eADF
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Driving me insane this. Mr Dave Haynie and his wonderful DiskSalv couldn't even rescue the busted disk. I found another copy on a 17BitSoftware Collection CD and frustrating ...... I sat in front of the 2000 cus the demo runs in computer only mode until he is just about to fall off the platform and then you realise you have control of the kids dummy. But I can never save the blighter. So I have to watch the whole thing again , this time on a different level and then he gets eaten by a shark in the water before I can get the arrow down. I really had to give up. This must be a none playable demo that I have. I can upload to website if you want.

I've been through the games vault and I have not got this game. Sad that, looked very good. I'll keep looking. I have a CD with most of The One disks on it but sadly does not go back this far. Never mind.

Next time get hooked on Chaos Engine or Cannon Fodder... the easy stuff.
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