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invalid compressed data while trying to extract lha, zip etc with adf inside


I am trying to transfer adf files from pc to amigha 1200 wb 3.1. I compress them on pc with a standard archive format like lha or zip. then i copy the file on a formatted 720kb disk. I then put the disk in the amiga and via cross-dos i can acces the file and put it on the hard disk. But when i try to decompress the file with LHA,unzip,unrar,etc i keep on getting the error message: invalid compressed data to inflate! although it sometimes works with files smaller than 300 kb,please help

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Hi Tarak1200,

Are you using a DSDD floppy disk formatted to 720kB, or a High Density (DSHD) disk?

Under most circumstances, the Amiga will have problems reading HD disks formatted to 720kB.

Though if you are successfully copying the files from the DOS-formatted disk to your Amiga's hard drive or RAM disk, then this is not the problem.
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Maybe a CF transfer kit from Amigakit or other suppliers would be a good investment and solution to the problem. I used what I already had and downloaded fat95 and cfd.lha (I think it was that) for mine from aminet. You could use the floppy disk transfer method that you already use to transfer the files over to the Amigas hard drive and go from there.

Oh yeah while at aminet, get Adf2disk so that you can use the ADF files and write them to proper floppies
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See if your lha for PC has a way to select Frozen5 for the compression. The one I use on the PC defaults to Frozen6 which lha138 on Amiga cannot extract. But when I force the PC to use Frozen5, it extracts OK on the Amiga. This is only speculation since I have no way of knowing the actual programs being used. If this fails, just run WinUAE with whatever archiver is on the 1200 now and pack the ADF there before copying to floppy. The Amiga PkAzip I have is so woefully outdated, I don't even consider it an option anymore.
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Originally Posted by Tarak1200 View Post
i keep on getting the error message: invalid compressed data to inflate!
Check CrossDOS prefs (SYS:Tools/Commodities/CrossDOS). Maybe you configured it to treat files as text and to convert linefeeds from CRLF to LF. This certainly corrupts binary files.

although it sometimes works with files smaller than 300 kb
Could also be a MaxTransfer problem. Try to unpack directly from floppy disk without copying to HDD first. If this works, check the MaxTransfer value of your HDD partition(s). MaxTransfer for IDE drives should be 0x1fe00. If it's higher, all files bigger than 127.5 KB will be corrupted.
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Thank you!

Hello! thanks to everyone who replied to my posts!

when i tried to extract the files directly from the disquette ik Worked fine, i also archived the files on my pc with the frozen 5 method(thank you "clenched") "Thomas", you are right the problem is with the crossdoss parameters but when i do "SYS:Tools/Commodities/CrossDOS)" i get a smal rectangular menu where you can cross a box named text filter; a box named text translator and for "languages" asci-7 ; dansk ; intl; etc no mention of CRLF or LF.

prowler: I use pc-1.4 megabyte disks witch i format (fist i use a piece of tape to cover the hole) on the cmd interface : format a:/t:80/n:9 . then i copy a file on it and insert it in the amiga.

also since i use 720 disks my capacity is limited to 720 kb when i want to have bigger archives i am in trouble! RAR seems like a good method but deachiving with a unrar program on the amiga doesn't really work, pehaps i use the wrong program? i use winrar to archive on pc and used De-archiveur ;unrar-3.10 on the amiga

thank you!
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Uncheck the Text Filter box. That will fix your corruption problem.
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