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Shit Game Time: AKIRA (Amiga), anyone like this game?

It's Friday!,...and what better way to start the weekend off with a brand new Shit Game Time video review.

This time I'll be playing and Shit-rating "Akira" on the Amiga A500, this is a paid request by youtuber "Ray C", I hope you enjoy it

[ Show youtube player ]
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It actually looks kind of alright, but whoever designed that deserves a pineapple up the bum.

Where is that worst Amiga game thread, I may need to change my vote.
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Old 03 July 2021, 01:15   #3
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This game is so shite there should be whole new section for it "Worst license ever" - although Zoids on the Spectrum might just edge it to the #1 slot
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How this one was ever allowed to leave the developers’ offices is a mystery that will never be solved.
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Old 04 July 2021, 00:24   #5
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It took me no time at all to google a longplay video of this game, and here are all the other stages - looks like Zeus barely scratched the surface:

[ Show youtube player ]

About pronunciation:

In Japanese, all the syllables are pronounced equally, so you would NOT say something like "akeera" as others have done, but "ah-ki-ra". Most people have no problem saying Tetsuo's name, but I've heard people say Kaneda's name like "kaneyda", when it's pronounced more like the way you would say "canada", like "kaneda".

The most embarrassing aspect of this is that the first official English dub of Akira was made using these wrong pronunciations, and it really shows, nor did it even use the correct words in translation, like in the following:

There is a scene after the biker gang clash in which Kaneda's biker gang are hauled in front of the vocational college principal for a dressing-down, and the sports coach is there handing out punishments in the form of hits to each of their heads, and in the poor dub I mentioned, he shouts "Shut up!" each time. A later, better dub corrected the mistake, and now he says "Discipline!" as he hits each student, which makes a lot more sense.

Back to this game, and it looks like one of the many extremely poor videogame adaptations of excellent movies that tarnished many a platform's game library.

Best stick to the movie, you'll have a much better experience.
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Old 04 July 2021, 09:29   #6
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Good find and what is interesting is I guess that most of us thought the game was just a rubbish scrolling motorbike game but actually this was just the introductory level and actually the game is really a run and gun shooter!

Frankly Zeus needs to redo his review...I think we will all enjoy him suffering further.
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It's like a reverse Legend of the Lost.

Akira: first level = WHY!? Rest of the game = oh fun run & gun (and from what I can see a decent horizontal shoot em up section at the end).

LOTL: First level = Oh fun, shooting down airplanes! Rest of the game = WHY!?
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