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@Acidbottle cpu_wave is fully supported and tested, it's used for (as an example) the smooth curves of the bats and birds in the Pitfall demo.

I may need to give it a better name - people tend to assume it means "attack wave" rather than a "sine wave" type movement.


New experimental update, this should be of some interest to Mixel and NEESO: Elements on Talkpad! Some notes:

- Not strongly tested yet, but it does seem to work.

- The elements get rendered *before* the dialogue box pops up (so you need to set your variable before using dialogue/say)

- You can change the variable between lines eg

* ProfileImage = 0
* Say "Hello"
* ProfileImage = 2
* Say "Goodbye"

- If your talkpad area overlaps the elements, the text will be printed on TOP of the elements. This might be useful if, for example, you exploited the behavior of numberfont to do an entirely different background for different contexts and characters.

- Has not been tested on "Dialogue Choice" options, may or may not work (not sure if anyone really uses that anyway)

Minor editor fix also, when creating a new block it'll ask you straight away to set the image.
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Ahaha! Thanks! Elements in the chat pad is going to be sweet! I’m not 100% certain what for yet, but something! Very tempted to double the height of my chat pad and have character portraits.

I use cpu_wave for my up/down bouncy lifts too, i need to use it for more stuff really as it moves really nicely.
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@earok: That's great! Now I can polish my dialogues!

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One thing I'm guessing about talkpad elements.. They'll all be in chip all of the time, as the talkpad is kind of universal to the whole game?

(by the end of the game) I'm guessing 20+ 32x32pixel EHB portraits would use up quite a lot of chipram (lol) so maybe I should actually limit my palette for once.
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