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Happy Epic manual is missing pages 25 and 26

Epic manual is missing (real) pages 25 and 26 (after page 14 in PDF count).

The manual on Josh's site has the same issue.

So if anyone happens to have it, a scan would be welcome.

Most interesting thing is why I decided to check the manual.

I was reading an article of TV tropes about Obvious Beta (ie games that are released before being rid of all/most bugs):

Among the examples, I noticed Epic was mentioned (in the PC section):

Epic, a space flight sim on the Amiga, Atari ST and PC, shipped in a hideously unfinished state. The waypoint system would only point you to a single target even if you'd already destroyed it, the manual was confusingly written and incomplete (including a statement that an ion "is a particle of FILL IN LATER"), the cheat was printed on the control summary card, and early versions of the game crashed so often than many retailers returned their copies and refused to buy fixed ones. To make matters worse for buyers, the game received rave reviews in several magazines based on alpha code and published anything up to seven months before it was actually released.
I decided to check. To my dismay, I noticed the relevant pages were missing.

I looked on Lemon, where there is a text version of the manual, and you can indeed see the "FILL in later" part.

Back to the PDF manual, it looks like the French translator avoided the issue by skipping the entry for Ion (page 48-49)

However, the German translator was no slouch and therefore page 74 you can read as a definition of Ion:
Ein Partikel von "FILL IN LATER"

Well, if you consider that the game was not completely tested before release, it would probably explain the sound/music issues that I had posted about a while ago:
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How can it be an epic manual if it's missing pages!? Hrhr... *cough*
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
How can it be an epic manual if it's missing pages!? Hrhr... *cough*
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