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A lot of people are trying to make it easy for you. We have provided you with a web site with keyfiles but there're still people who think we are wrong of doing so. We have tried our best to get in contact with the author or supplier of certain programs but nobody wants to know. This is the time we are living in. If you are know any better let us know. Smart remarks do not count. We are looking for a solution here. Keyfiles can be found here.
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No where does it say piracey is OK, The main reason for Holger Kruse's withdrawl from open Amiga support was the state of piracey on the platform & the poor commercial viability of new developments around the the time of OS3.5 .

We are long way past October 1999 when he wrote

"Once Miami 3.3 is released there is a chance that there will still
also be a Miami 3.3 OEM version specifically for OS 3.5, but this
will depend on whether users really request it, and how many do so,
i.e. if the additional (quite significant) effort of providing such
a special version is justified by demand. Judging from the initial
feedback I have received by email and judging from discussions on
Usenet there are probably only very few users who feel it is important
for them to get a version without a time limit and without registration,
and most users would rather see me work on other Amiga-related
projects instead :-) "

This was at a time when he still had "faith" in some sort of Amiga revival, so standing here 6 years later we know it just did'nt happen & as for Miami 3.3???

It is fair to say that the time since then has given most of us huge changes in our circumstances & future goals & knowing real Amiga is a fractional curriousity platform is hardly going to attract well financed, properly resourced comercial development of new applications leaves us in the current situation.

Like true scavengers we are "picking through the bones" of what is left to see what is adaptable or still useable for our chosen area of interest.

Creating online petitions while showing interest does not put food on the table of the hounded but now dormant creators & program owners.

That is a realistic FACT

But wringing our hands & walking in circles bleating " we should do nothing " like a pack of emasculated sheep leaves what is left to further rot & decay into irretrievable ashes .

I know Lopos2000 & myself are NOT giving risk free solutions,niether are we giving each other congratulatory slaps on the back for pulling this together. Instead we are actually trying to make ourselves & the borrowed files issue REDUNDANT ......YES >>>UNEEDED- No longer required because
the platform has better applications or the keyfile viability question is resolved.

So as Lopos2000 says above

" This is the time we are living in. If you are know any better let us know "

What more can you ask for ? unless your one of those sheep in which case I suguest a strong worming dose
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