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CF Card recommendation


I am starting to rethink my setup

Now I'll go with a 32gb/64gb CF Card instead of my 2.5" HDD

Is there any recomendations for which brand/type of CF Card I should buy ?
Was looking at : https://www.transcend-info.com/Embedded/Products/No-586

Also I am going to invest in a 4XEIDE'99 BUFFERED INTERFACE and would add a slim DVD drive to it. What drives is the best to get my hands on ?
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Yes. Sandisk. Don't use anything else
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I'm also looking at a Transcend industrial CF170 card for my A4000 once I reinstall everything with OS3.2.
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The cheap chinese ones work fine, don't pay for a sticker imo.
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I have 8 or so CF Cards, ranging from 4GB to 32GB, all branded Transcend and I've never had an issue with any of them.
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Old 24 May 2021, 13:59   #6
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I use a CF to SD adapter, sd cards are much cheaper and available in the stores here
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I have a 4 megabyte (yes, that's correct!) CF card from my first digital camera I can sell you

I've had good luck with Kingston cards.
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Old 25 May 2021, 18:07   #8
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SanDisk and Kingston from 256mb to 32gb, Only one Ive ever had issues with is a 4gb Kingston 'flower' cf card which worked fine as a hdd but didnt work in a pcmcia adapter.
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Originally Posted by kriz View Post
I use a CF to SD adapter, sd cards are much cheaper and available in the stores here
Yeah, I have a few adapter CF/SD and CF/MicroSD which also work great
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Over the years I've bought this and that 'universal, compatible with anything' stuff and I've learned that the best way to be sure is to buy stuff from places that sell Amiga stuff. May be more expensive than the cheapest, but never had any problems with stuff bought from some Amiga shop. The stuff may be the same what's available elsewhere too, but these sellers know what /combinations work with Amigas.

The best example I think has been those SD/HDD -adapters. 'All the same' but problems (with 2 different kinds and tried a few SD's) ended when I bought a SD+Adapter -kit from some Amiga specialized seller.
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