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Weasel Fierce
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Amiga games where the PAL and NTSC versions are materially different?

So I don't mean in the obvious ways like speed or music being off, but where the Euro and US releases had actual gameplay differences like different options, edited levels, things taken out etc.
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Don't think I have seen any. Mostly it's just the PAL version using the larger real estate on the screen which was nice (Many games would use it for score, options, lives, etc), but some didn't and had the large black gap at the bottom of the screen.
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Magic Pockets? I think it has different level order.
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Afterburner from Sega/WeeBee Games is a much better US port than the Activision crap. Not as good as the console ports but at least playable.
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Funnily enough the US port by WeeBee uses a larger viewport (320x232 ?) than the Activision version.
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a couple of games used the full screen in PAL version
ie Battle Squadron, The Plague

Millenium - return to Earth, the USA version of Millennium2.2
uses a slight different graphic, similar to the MS-DOS version;
also it doesn't have the intro
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I have no clue whatsoever if there is a difference between the PAL and NTSC version of McDonald Land.


One version have smaller 8-bit looking characters and one bigger 16-bit looking ones.

One version has an Virgin intro with an airplane and one has not.

Funny thing is also that the version I have makes some differences to the hud depending on if the game is run in 50 or 60 Hz. In 50 Hz there is a status bar at the bottom with some info. In 60 Hz the gameplay field is in full screen and the info from the status bar is presented as plain text up the corners of the gameplay field.
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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
Magic Pockets? I think it has different level order.
It has. NTSC/US is exactly the same as MSDOS version. Diffs

- password protection instead of copylock disk protection (US market...)
- individual level codes
- easier level 1-1
- level 1-3 gone awol and replaced by PAL level 1-1

Really notable differences! But the rest of the levels (there are 26+ levels total) are exactly the same.

Speedball 2 NTSC also has code protection (and Konami logo) instead of disk protection.

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Fighter Bomber & Strike Aces had different title screens.

Leander had different ending text.

Gods had different protection systems.

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The Ultra Games version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles differ somewhat from the Imageworks version but both sucks
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Heart of the Dragon http://hol.abime.net/680 The 3 disk version has different music. I'm assuming that is NA release based on ebay listings.

Operation Stealth/James Bond: The Stealth Affair: Some minor changes in dialogue to accommodate the tagged on license.
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Kult and Chamber of Sci-Mutant Priest have title difference, plus different bugs.

Captain Blood NTSC has censorship.
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The only massive difference I remember was Afterburner, a completely different game.
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