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Crashing Shapeshifter on Sierra games

Hi Forum,

A question about shapeshifter and sound crashing.
It seems that shapeshifter crashes when running sierra games on my a2000.
It’s something with the sound. My setup is:

Amiga 2000 030 64mb

So I use the image I could find on the ftp called macgames. All the Sierra games crash after a while. When I disable sound or use midi the games don’t crash.
Also tried installing new sierra games. Same behavior.

What I have checked:

1mb chip vs 2mb chip —> same behaviour still crash
Different mac roms —> same behavior still crash
Muevd vs picasso drive —> same behavior still crash
ahi vs internal driver —> same behavior still crash
More memory or less —> same behavior still crash

My aga 1200 with 060 does not seem to have this issue.

Can this be fixed somehow?
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Old 25 January 2023, 00:30   #2
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Weird, are you sure you don't run something on the A2000 that might cause it, that you don't run on the A1200? Apart from the obvious, a different CPU.
Shapeshifter can run pretty much without anything loaded, I used failsafe boot in OS 3.2 to find some issues I had myself.

But I can't for the life of me get Larry 6 to work tho´, does it even work in Shapeshifter?
I also noticed Kings Quest V doesn't work properly either.

Well both KKV and LSL6 crashes in Baselisk II on PC too.. so maybe it's the MacOS or game install that's causing it.

I got the CD version of LSL6 to run in Shapeshifter, so the MacGames install is broken.
BUT the CD version only works in PAL Hires Interlaced mode for me for some reason, I don't know if this helps you in any way.

And it's quite impressive how well LSL6 runs on an 030 with MuEVD and AHI sound, I mean, it's an Amiga emulating a Mac.

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Yes on my AGA machine it works indeed.
Ofcourse Picasso/graphics card is the main diffrence. My 4000 rtg also does not have this problem.
Tried it again yesterday evening it just crashes after playing some sound. It’s only the Sierra games. So something with the sound driver and this setup. I’m lost but maybe somebody with a similar setup could check it for me?
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