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Was the 'magazine supplier' ever caught?

I've heard a few references from Galahad and others that at least one of the suppliers of software to cracking groups was working for a magazine. Reading some of the other threads it seems this is evidenced by the number of titles that appear to be sourced from review copies. I remember in the early 90s there being some talk on BBS's about a lot of titles coming directly from a particular magazine. I think I remember the suggestion of there being problem with magazines making it into print in the letters sections of one title.

Without wanting to start a witch hunt, I do wonder, was anybody actually ever caught? I personally have my suspicions about one particular journalist and what their motivations might have been. I would have thought with piracy being deemed such a serious problem, there would have been at least one label that would have gone to the length of watermarking each review copy to work out where the leak was coming from.
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Take it you mean ADS/Quartex, don't think he was ever caught
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Yes ADS was the supplier, dont think he actually worked for the mags, but knew someone who did and would get the games from him.

Whether the reviewer knew what ADS was doing, I havr no idea.
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There was also Kitaro (Skid Row, FLT), who had a friend working for one of the magazines who supplied various (mostly beta/pre-release) games... until he got caught in a messy investigation into someone selling AT&T cards, and decided to turn everyone he knew in to the police to save himself :P
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Shame none of the MIA games that got reviews didn't appear.
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