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Help with installing CWB on WinUAE

Hello everyone I am new here but not a "Noob" as they say!

Anyway lol I really need help installing Magic Workbench on UAE, I have followed this guide http://classicwb.abime.net/classicwe...uctionsuae.htm to the letter but something is not working for me for some reason.

The guide states that "Go to the "Configurations" section and double-click/load "A4000 Power" well there is no config file called "A4000 Power" but there is a config file called "Run Me First Then Delete" I am guessing this is the "A4000 Power" config file but when i run it i get a message saying "No Disk Present in device HD1"

I dont have a clue what to do really as not messed with UAE for years as I have had an A1200 for years but it sadly died in Dec last years (I think it thought the end of the world was going to happen lol) Now I want to run UAE with Magic workbench through my Hp Probook on my nice new 42in HDTV and it looks like I can only dream about it at the moment lol

So lol Can anyone help me please?
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Anyone? Someone must know as the download for the MWB is connected to this forum and it does say if you need any help then ask here
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Toni Wilen
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I think this is in wrong forum (support.WinUAE), problem/error is in guide/mwb, nothing to do with winuae directly.
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The thread should be moved to project.ClassicWB, the subject should be changed to "Help with installing CWB on WinUAE" and the poster should be advised that ClassicWB and MagicWB are two different things which should not be confused.

Regarding the problem, I don't think the guide is wrong. The archive contains several config files and "A4000 Power" is one of them. Perhaps the archive has been corrupted during download or it was not unpacked correctly, so that some config files are missing. Or perhaps he does not use the right archive. I would suggest to download the archive again from the link given in the guide.
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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
The thread should be moved to project.ClassicWB, the subject should be changed to "Help with installing CWB on WinUAE".
Thanks for your suggestions, Thomas. I have implemented them!
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There is a good chance I forgot to update the webpage instructions last time I updated the packs.

You do indeed run the "Run me first then delete" and "Run me second then delete" configs rather than the "A4000 Power" now, then the onscreen instructions should be pretty clear what to do.

Make sure you have added the necessary kick3.rom in the ROMS folder and checked all the paths point to the correct folders by reseting to defaults or it won't find the rom and HDF files.
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