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Glowicons+KS 3.1, OS 3.1, no scalos-possible?

I like very much ClassicWB P96. Especially the Glowicons theme. But not Scalos-prefer my own menus and tools.

Anyway I though i need OS 3.5+ or 3.1 scalos to use glowicons. I'm not convinced Why? beacsue after installing Newicons 4.6 on a fresh 3.1 +CGX 4.6 install I could view an Amiga Active CD with Glowicons. In fact, its not even necessary to install Newicons-the cdinit file activates the newicons patch and the glowicons work.

So I'd like to install the glowicon pack Bloodwych used on ClassicWB p96. Is there a link where I can find this pack?
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Those Glowicons must be in Newicons format, like the ones I use in the ADV SP and P96 packs. Those are Glowicon styled, but they have been converted to Newicons to work with the none beta Scalos, Newicons patch and OS3.1 and below.

I can assure you that the Newicons patch will not display true OS35 and OS39 Glowicons.

As for the icons packs, the ones in the P96 are not from any one pack. I downloaded all the Newicons (in Glowicon style) from Aminet and picked out what I wanted to use. I think I also converted a few from Glowicon format to Newicons, but can't remember as it was years ago.

I then manually copied across each icon - so the pack you see in the ADV SP and P96 versions are hand picked from a range of other packs. I had loads of free time back in my student days! If you look in the SYS:Icons drawer, it may give clues to the original packs I downloaded. I kept the best icons from all those I downloaded in that drawer.
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As Bloodwych said, those Glowicon should have be converted to Newicon.
In fact i manage in the past to get Scalos+KS3.0+0S3.1+Blizkick displaying Glowicon (OS3.5+)
If i remember right you must use datatypes+libs from http://scalos.noname.fr/products/sca...a_41.7_68K.lha and use blizkick to get OS3.5+ libs installed.
Sorry i didn't remember the exact path to get them working correctly but it's nearly 10 years before !
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