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HOWTO: Installing Amiga Applications

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on installing amiga applications, best practices and all that. For example I have the Indivision A4000. Ive downloaded the Indivision Config app from Jens site. Where would be the best place to install this app?


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Hi Mark,

This is very much a matter of personal preference.

If you have only a single hard disk partition, then I would suggest you create an 'Applications' folder on your hard disk, perhaps with a subfolder called 'Indivision', and install it there.

Some applications come with an installer which suggests a suitable location and creates it if it does not exist, but you are free to change it if you don't like the suggestion. However the Indivision Config application is not one of these.

If you have a second hard disk or a second partition on your only hard disk, then consider installing it not in your system drive, but in another labelled 'Work' or some such, and then create folders on that instead.

Just suggestions. Feel free to ignore...
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You could drag this utility to the Tools directory in System.

Some tools need certain libraries with minimum versions. Also some utilities require GUI toolkits such as MUI to be installed or Reaction/ClassAct.

Use the program called SnoopDos from Aminet to identify which supplimentary libraries are needed if you have problem starting a newly installed program.
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I always have at least TWO harddrive partitions.
The first is for the SYSTEM (DH0: ) and only system files get put here. (New Libs, C programs etc).
I avoid installing extras things into System. This minimises the chance of installed apps corrupting the System partition. Also it makes backing up the System partition easier.

The second (DH1: ) is for Apps and Games etc.
On the second partition I have a drawer for Apps and a drawer for Games.

If I were you I would create a drawer for Indivision like DH1:Apps/Indivision/
Then put subsequent Indivision updates in their own Drawer inside the Indivision Drawer
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Thanks everyone! Something to think over.

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