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Give up the ghost
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Amiga Forever

OK, I was on the Amiga Forever site some time back and downloaded these games:

Datastorm ++.rar
Death Trap ++.rar
Gauntlet 2 ++.rar
Iss +.rar
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod.rar
Jupiters Masterdrive.rar
Soccer Kid Preview ++.rar
Zool ++ b ++.rar

I couldn't open them because they were reported as corrupted, but I just thought this was a limitation of EasyZip 2000, that maybe a newer compression algorithm was used on these files, so I stashed them away. Somehow, they ended up decompressed and looked OK, but none of them are any good. It's that old bit reversal thing again, when a browser doesn't recognize the extension. I wish I'd kept the original rar files because I now know how to fix them, but the adf's from within (which is all I have now) are not fixable. Nor are the files still online at Amiga Forever.

Any chance somebody else downloaded these and still has them?

BTW: Jambo still reports that these are available from AF, even though they aren't...
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Old 20 November 2001, 18:41   #2
Fred the Fop
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I am not quite sure what you request, but I have upped Jupiter Masterdrive. It works perfecly in WinUAE 8.17. use A 500 config.
Did this help? The others I'll have to dig deeper for
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Old 21 November 2001, 01:46   #3
Give up the ghost
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Thanks, Fred. See, I had those downloaded from that site, but just wanted to run them through TOSEC to see if they were different versions than I already had. I never could un-RAR them to find out. I finally installed WinRAR and used it, then deleted the RAR files, but I shouldn't have. It's the rar files that had the bits shifted and if I'd just kept those, I'd be able to get to the adf inside.

I noticed on your upload description, you said to use Power Archiver. Well, EasyZip 2000 is the same program, just an earlier version. The new name makes more sense, but I didn't care for the program itself. Can't remember why. Isn't is crippled in some way due to being shareware? EasyZip 2000 is fully functional, so I prefer it. But anyway, the archive is fine, just the bits needed fixing. I'll download adz, rar, etc. files in the future with Opera and won't have that problem anymore.
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Old 21 November 2001, 02:53   #4
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Power Archiver used to be free
Now, it's trying to emulate Winzip, and has become shareware. I think it's trying to be an exact clone. Even the "Enter your registration info" screen is the same. I haven't looked at Powerarchivers code, so I can't tell if it uses the same registration routine, but I wouldn't be surprised
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I recommend Ultimate Zip, which is free and even does batch extraction and compression. It also support .RAR extraction.

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Old 21 November 2001, 05:04   #6
Give up the ghost
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I'll give Ultimate Zip a spin. As I was reading the Features list, I was all ready to fire back that it doesn't have a converter feature (zip to lha, etc.) but it has that covered and much more. Can't wait to get home and try this thing out!

Thanx for the tip, DP!
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