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Hi all

Hey all

Long time Amiga owner.. first timer modder.. (i guess? lol)

During a recent move I found out my old Amiga A1200. An original one before Escom? come on the scene and rebadged the Amiga logo (I always did prefer the original logo - probably because I am an old 500+ owner)

Anyway in a bid to consolodate my small to medium collection of Amiga games I purchased a CF based drive of Ebay, slated at being able to run on a "stock A1200"

Great I thought - my floppy disks all in one place.. a chance to regain some childhood lol.. Fast forward and my first experiance wasnt the best. The games I already owned failed to load under WHDload. Namely Chaos Engine and SWOS. Quick google (which I should of done before my research truth be told) suggested I needed more RAM. Makes sense, my precious 2meg is now being hogged by WHDload / WB, So I purchased what was slated as an 8mb board. Personally, I can only get WB to see 4mb while working. I can jumper it to 8mb but the games are crashing ( I havnt got one working under 8mb.. but a nice user here is helping me out with that)

To cut a long story short I havent powered this thing on since my teen years prior to my attempted upgrades. Im 31 now and still have my A1200. (all be it a little yellow and my floppy drive still works.. I was shocked at that lol) I had no idea the Amiga had such a following. I went from my 500+ after seeing my sisters Ex's 500.. then begged my folks to upgrade me to the 1200. I was playing this when my friends had a MegaDrive. (I think I had 2 games for my MD)

anyway, just to say hello to everyone.. thank you for keeping this wonderful machine alive.. and i cant wait to learn whats been happening in the years I have been away..

Is X-Copy still considered cool? lol

*sorry people... just noticed, the sub forum for introductions. mods/admins, feel free to move this. thank you

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A story that sounds all too familiar! Welcome aboard!

Glad you found EAB, it's a great place to hang out and endulge a rekindled obsession for the Amiga

WHDLoad really has made life much easier for us, but as you've quickly found out you need the extra Ram for that, but you should be all se to now to enjoy your A1200 once more.

I suggest at some point checking out Classic Workbench, these awesome packs contain everything you need to get the most out of your setup:


I suggest the 'lite' pack if you have just the 4mb Fast Ram, but with 8mb you can dabble with the Full/ADV packs.

I guess copying games is a thing of the past now that you can download them all fully installed

Anyway, enjoy your trip down memory lane and if you get stuck you should be able to find an answer here

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