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[Found: Fernandez Must Die] Cannon Fodder like game

First of all hello to everyone cause i'm new in this forum.

I'm from french and my english it's not really good but i'm going to try to make my best.

I write you cause i have a computer amiga 500 and i've found almost all the games I remembered from my childhood but there is one in particular that I can not find anywhere neither remember his name.

I will give details of what I remember to see if someone can find it out.

. The viewpoint was like cannon fodder style, more or less.

. It was also a war game

. If I remember correctly the character (just one) was very similar to those of canon fodder and faced the soldiers of a military base.

. In the military base were many elongated sides Hangars and fences. You could go inside depending if the fence was open or (i'm not sure of this) if you found out a key.

. I remembered that sometimes you could find a kind of military jeep car parked on the enemy hangars soldiers . With the shooting of the soldiers and the blows driving the hood started to burn it and you must leave the car cause at the end it exploded. It was fun!

I don't know if this is enough but I can not remember much more.

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to know.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Maybe Into the Eagle's Nest.
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Fernandez Must Die or Theatre of Death?
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Thanks for your answer.

Almost!!! ;-) but It's not the game i'm looking for.

The game i try to find it was more in the open air, normally we saw the hangars from out.

I think the most interesting it was that we could drive de jeep car.

And the graphics there was more like swiv or games like this. May be not so good like swiv but differents of into the eagle's nest.

Anyway, Thanks a lot for your answer.

Hi Codyyy!!!

Yessss, it's fernandez must die!!!!.

Thank you very much, i've spent a lot of time trying to find this game without results.

Thank you for your time and your answer. :-)

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