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Exclamation HD toolbox

HD toolbox doesn't recognize the drive in any version of amiga OS from 3.1 to 3.9. I am running winuae 1.1 and using HDF virtual hardfiles. I am trying to setup Debian m68k linux and partitioning of the HD in a linux fs is mandatory before anything else is done. In amiga OS the only supported fs is OFS/FFS
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Toni Wilen
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Did you enable "RDB-mode"? (all HDF parameters zeroed except blocksize) Non RDB-mode hardfile == single partition, can't be partitioned.

HDToolbox also requires device parameter (uaehf.device. Do not use uaescsi.device), normally it only uses scsi.device which does not exist in uae.

btw, you can't run linux in uae. There is no hardware HD controller because HD support is emulated in AmigaOS device level and no MMU.
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Thanks for the information anyway. I havent enabled rdb mode. But what excactly is rdb?
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RDB = Rigid Disk Block. It's the start block of the Amiga partition table. Similar to the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the PC partition table.

Without an RDB you cannot have multiple partitions. In fact, on a real Amiga without an RDB the HDD is not recognised at all, you have to write a mountlist for it. Or use HDToolbox to create an RDB.
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I had a tough time trying to make autoboot hardfile under KS1.3. Usually I went with mountlist method but never actually succedeed to make it right with HDToolBox.

The problem was due the fact that HDToolBox program, supplied from i.e A590 WD/Epson can't querry other, tooltype specified devices. Problem is solved by using HDInstTools, downloadable from Aminet (v6.9).

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