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FS-UAE: strangeness with an whdload install


yesterday i stumbled over something in fs-uae which i call at least strange.

the scenario:

i installed a few whdload games from scratch which i lost due to a hdd failure.
for the sake of easier disk handling, i did the installs with winuae (2.42beta series) running under wine in a kubuntu 12.04 amd64 environment.

both winuae and fs-uae share a 3.1 workbench setup mounted as a hd from a directory.

the problem:

i installed ingrid's back inside winuae and everything go smooth so far.
then i switched over to fs-uae, and the slave complains about 2 files (Menu,picproc) are write protected.
actually the are also read protected and delete protected. neither using protect in a shell or from within directory opus let me change those protection bits.
so back to winuae and test it there. whoops neither whdload nor winuae complains about write protected files.

so i compressed the installed game with lzx in winuae, switched back to fs-uae and decompressed the .lzx archive over there. and guess what, no cpmplaints about the 2 offending files anymore.

as a 3rd and last test i installed the game from within fs-uae and there is also no complains.

not that this is a showstopper or something, but at least its a weird behaviour.

i will upload the whdload installer and the diskimage into the zone.
maybe someone want to check it out. as i can reproduce it 100% on my machine.
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Hi, FS-UAE does not use the same mechanism as WinUAE for storing Amiga file names and metadata, but it is possible that there is a bug when _UAEFSDB.___ is present which causes FS-UAE to not initialize file permissions.

The file _UAEFSDB.___ is probably created when the game is installed by WinUAE, and you could try to just delete this file before starting FS-UAE. -And I will check later whether there is a bug related to the presence of _UAEFSDB.___.
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Toni Wilen
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By default WinUAE stores protection flags, comment and original filename to NTFS alternate stream (with original file or directory), __UAEFSB is only used if manually enabled or filesystem does not support alternate streams.
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i just did the install again while making sure uaefsdb is disabled in winuae.
also i deleted all existing uaefsdb files. unfortunately still the same result.
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