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RGB PAL/NTSC to S-Video adapter lists Amiga as supported

...And also Arcade (Jamma) RGB out, which is why I'm sure they've done one that gives a good picture with proper performance (moving graphics, no input lag) or they wouldn't sell a single one.

It says 'any TV set', but I might look to get one of these for a projector project. I'm posting it here so someone can post experiences for most users who would probably want it for LCD TVs, which can have lacklustre performance even if the signal is perfect.

And also as a heads-up that it exists. Just happened upon it with a single google, so maybe someone found it already. But it seems better than buying ze randomadapter on eBay, seems to be a proper company based in CA, USA.

>> Amiga RGB to S-Video adapter

Also of interest to people with multiple Amigas like me who wants to buy just the one external adapter, I guess. Anyway...
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That product is probably the Cypress (CYP) CP-RGBVS. Its input is a 15-pin HD D socket. If you're in Europe it may be preferable to buy a product which has a SCART input instead.

There are a couple of other products which can convert RGB to composite and/or S-video. The CYP CRS-2000 converts RGB (SCART) to composite and S-video. A quick Google shows that's available for about GBP 40 here. That includes the 20% UK VAT (sales tax), so the equivalent US dollar ex-VAT price is $53.42 at the current rate. It's worth shopping around.

If your TV has component video input, you'll of course get better quality using an RGB-to-YUV/component converter like the CYP CSY-2100.
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Are there many TVs with component input? It's not so much about that as making the TV like the complete signal and display a terrific image though.

And thanks for the tip, yep looks like it's the CYP one I found.

The Scart one seems to be PAL only, from the operation manual. It might be that it will work just as well, but the reason I linked to the above shop is that it promises to work with Amiga, arcades and LCD TVs. (And they had the D-SUB-15 connector pinout right there on the product page, don't you just think they're right on?? )

Scart is horribly devised and designed, so I'd prefer the CYP one for myself actually.
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