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Startup Code (from Icon ) - Forbid function

As I understand correctly Forbid function is used to off multitasking and I should use pair Forbid and Permit function. But I don't understand why in startup code from icon there is the Forbid call before back to OS. Mean

	jsr	Forbid(A6)
	move.l	WBenchMsg(PC),A1	;WBenchMsg from GetMsg
	jsr	ReplyMsg(A6)
	moveq	#0,D0
I found only following information in comment in startup.asm:

"; we forbid so workbench can't UnLoadSeg() us before we are done"

But what about Permit ? Is there any detailed information about icon startup ?
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Replying to the Workbench startup-message is how you tell Workbench that your program is about to end, but there's always the chance that a task-switch occurs between the call to ReplyMsg() and actually ending your program, so you need to disable multi-tasking to prevent this. It's not necessary to call Permit() again because this state is relative to each task, so multi-tasking will be correctly enabled again when your program ends.

The details are in the RKMs of course, and probably in the NKDs as well.
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Thanks a lot.
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