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Old 26 October 2013, 01:17   #1
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WaveTracer DS Mark V 5.1

I'm looking for WaveTracer DS Mark V version 5.1 . links to full version do not work anymore, archive.org did not help.
anyone got these files? TIA.

edit: amigafuture.de got the full version

edit: amigafuture's 68k version is a little bit buggy, ppc version only 5.0 Demo ( latest was also 5.1 )

does anyone got the files from the website above, version 5.1:

thnx for looking.

#1) source code has been released on aminet.

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http://www.virtualworlds.de/WT/wt040.lha (340K)
http://www.virtualworlds.de/WT/wt020.lha (346K)
http://www.virtualworlds.de/WT/wtppc.lha (552K)
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Old 27 October 2013, 17:35   #3
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*jesuz* direct link w/o the 3dchat "proxy" - thnx
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Old 21 March 2014, 21:50   #4
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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
*jesuz* direct link w/o the 3dchat "proxy" - thnx
Exactly! Thanks for the links
Old 04 December 2016, 02:29   #5
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i build an anim7 with sound - wasnt that difficult at all.

look into the zone:

use AnimFX v2.3 - IFF-SoundAnims and CDXL player
or the AnimFX v2.5 from the WaverTracer package.
--> both version have problems streaming/playing my anim from harddrive.
--> playing works if you have enough fast-ram (larger than anim file size)

==> use BigAnimFX v1.5 to play the huge anims.

#1) i converted the Amiga Tribute youtube video with ffmpeg into single images:
ffmpeg.exe -i Amiga.Tribute-Still.Alive.mp4 -s 320x200 img%04d.bmp

#2) audio track riped from the video using:
ffmpeg.exe -i Amiga.Tribute-Still.Alive.mp4 audio.wav

#3) convert the audio.wav to audio.8svx using Wav2Amiga by adrdesign

#4) import the images sequence in MainActor Broadcast (MAB) -> built an anim7_32 with 256 colors

#5) reload the new anim into MAB and changed the timecode to 4/60 for every frame -> 15 fps ( original mp4 has 14.985 fps )

#6) start Wavetracer -> push the floppy-disk-symbol -> and choose WaveformGenerator
click on Sample and select the audio.8svx file

#7) next: menu -> Soundedior -> Save -> AnimInjector8 and choose an output-file-name
(AnimInjector8i for interleaved save mode - maybe faster playback)

#8) now it will ask "save which channel" --> "ok"

#9) next requester "Load Anim" -> choose your iff anim and the program will do it's work.

the result you can now play with AnimFX. Viewtek (vt) plays the anim too, but without sound.

sound is now excellent and in sync after converting the wav file into a 8svx using Wav2Amiga by adrdesign

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Old 05 December 2016, 19:37   #6
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i have to *bump* this. did anyone tested the anim in the zone?
anyone tried to build his own sound anim?

it's a pity they invented this iff-anim audio mode years too late :/
right from the beginning, it would have been so

while WaveTracer is a cool tool (once you get used to it's gui)
it does not have a sequencer view, like ShowMaker already had in 1991.
this makes editing things much easier.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	shownmaker.png
Views:	234
Size:	3.9 KB
ID:	51178  

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Old 08 December 2016, 20:32   #7
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while fighting with artefacts from color reduction/conversation i found libimagequant,
which can be enabled by xnview in the color reduction box.
unfortunately this does not work when batch converting.
it's huge diff between simple dithering and using this libimagequant function.
pngquant.org has a batch converting tool for win/mac. converts to png images. take a look.

#1) just done another video, source for the anim were the 256 color PNGs made with pngquant.
images converted to iff with xnview. the anim itself is 320x200 with 256 colors, one palette per frame, 30fps.
can you see the difference?

one concern is the length of the animation, 377mb for the 4 min video, only 5mb of it are the sound track data.
the earlier version was 350mb, so no realy big diff on this matter.
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Name:	image1.png
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ID:	51241   Click image for larger version

Name:	image2.png
Views:	264
Size:	47.0 KB
ID:	51242  

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Old 12 December 2016, 18:50   #8
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ImmortalA1000 started a discussion about Anim+SLA format a while back and
mentioned BigAnim 4.0, which ought to play non-interleaved IFF-Sound anims.
but it doesnt, tested interleaved and non-interleaved, but no sound.
not even sure, anim+sla is the same format as what is produced by wavetracer.
anyone any idea?

--> BigAnim uses a different format. in the readme, Author talks about a tool to
produce his sound-anims, but he never released it, it seems. :/

#1) i found AnimFX v1.5 which includes BigAnimFX v1.5 - so you can now play big WaveTracer sound anims with less RAM
test anim was non-interleaved (AnimInjector8) - an earlier interleaved (AnimInjector8i) crashes Winuae (HALT10)
zoned: AnimFX-BigAnimFX_v1.5.lha

btw: AnimFX v2.3 includes the source of BigAnimFX v1.57 - pascal source file.

#2) ALB42 was able to fix the source code and compiled it using FreePascal,
maybe someone can make something usefull out of it
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Name:	BigAnimFX.png
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Size:	5.0 KB
ID:	51299  

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Old 21 December 2016, 17:42   #9
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just a littlebit more, virtualworlds, the creators of Wavetracer made a java based successor
AudioCutter Cinema. source code, linux and win32 binaries are provided.
you need to have installed a java jre.

works almost the same like seen in wavetracer, load a sample and choose save as
IFF SoundAnim. it will ask for filename of SndAnim to be created and source anim. more or less self explaining. give it a try.

thanks to moloch for pointing out

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Old 03 March 2017, 20:52   #10
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in the zone: fantasia_v1.0a_by.Moloch.EAB.lzx

fantasia anim sound dest

i cannot find the original description. IIRC soundfile has to be 22050 Hz 8 bit 8svx

to play the anim use AnimFX / BigAnimFX.

thanks moloch
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