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Hardware repair services


Please post below if you are willing to provide hardware repair services for other forum members.

Please state:

- Your location
- Examples of repairs you can provide (ranging from easy to the most difficult you feel you can handle)

Any discussion will be deleted, this is also not a feedback thread.

Edit: meh, I didn't prune the discussion and it's become a chatting thread since, so unsticking.

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Good idea for a sticky!

I'm in Glasgow, and I can do basic component replacement (such as recapping or damaged trace repair), basic fault finding and modding. Can also assist creating setups and installations with drives over 4GB, SCSI setups etc.
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I'm near Durham and can do most solder work, probably anything that would be found in an Amiga. I also have a few programmers so can program various chips, including flashing gotek drives.

I don't get a lot of free time, especially Monday-Friday, but could fit repair jobs in if you're stuck.
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I'm in Stockholm, Sweden and will handle capacitor replacements and other menial repairs and modifications such as Goteks, adaptors or chip replacements.
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Old 04 February 2016, 19:44   #5
Posts: n/a

I'm running a company in Norway, specialized in retro electronics, with emphasis on Commodore, Amstrad, Spectrum and Atari computers, as well as game consoles and arcade machines! Commodore afficionadas! ;-)
But all kinds of electronics from all over the world are welcome.
Huge stock of parts, service documentation and schematics.
20++ years of professional experience!

Modern ESD-safe tools for efficient soldering/desoldering and cleaning. Programming equipment for EEPROMS, PIC's, Atmels, FPGA's etc.

We do most kinds of repairs and updates according to "known" fixes and techdocs, using quality parts (Panasonic and Infineon f.ex).
Also restorations!

Website www.retroservice.no is a bit flaky at the moment, but will soon be updated.

Check also http://www.facebook.com/retroservice.no

Visit us and click "Like"! :-)

geir@retroservice.no for quotes and questions!

Best regards,
Geir O.!

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I am located in Vienna / Austria, and can do any Commodore 8-bit (C64, C128, Plus/4, etc.) as well as Amiga 500/500+ repairs, including disc drives (re-alignment, mechanical issues).
Only have the most common spareparts available. If some chip has to be replaced, you might need to provide it from another source.
No euipment for SMD soldering, so no repairs for A-600/1200/4000.
Unfortunately only limited time because of two young kids....
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Old 22 March 2016, 18:33   #7
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I'm in Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada and can do Cap. Replacements and SMD Soldering, Rework on Amigas. I can also repair other Commodore equipment if Parts are available.
Former Tech who worked for Comspec.
I also started to repair LCD Monitors and TVs.
I will do repairs on older MACs, PowerPCs and PowerBooks if parts available.
Usually have a few SCSI drives available for upgrade or replacements.
I can also do most PCB repairs as long as i have schematics.

This is part time as I only have a few hours per week available.

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Send a message via ICQ to kinmami Send a message via AIM to kinmami Send a message via MSN to kinmami
Located in Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku. Able to SMD soldering, rework and PCB restoration.
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Located in Port Hueneme California. SMD, rework and restorations.

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Taking orders again. Feel free to PM for a quote.
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Old 25 May 2016, 02:07   #11
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Most soldering work under taken. Anything from a resistor being soldered to a APU reball, Trace repair, recapping. Ive been repairing electronics for over 20 years now.
Located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Here is some of my work HERE and HERE

And a A500+ with leaky battery HERE

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Available for service. Can do most anything you need. I am US located and have 20+ years of experience.
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Old 05 August 2016, 23:51   #13
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Location: Karlstad / Sweden
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Located in Sweden. Does Amiga recaps, simmsocket replacement and smaller repairs.
also offer IF in stock motherboardreplacementservice if you got a dead machine.

Also replace bad 3640PCBs.. simply: you send me a bad 3640, I move components to a newly produced PCB and replace defevtive components, upgrades to newest rev, removes 2 waitstates, put osc. in socket at a fixed price of 150eur.

And 040->060 upgrades on Apollo 1240, Blizzard 1240, BPPC 040, Cyberstorm 040 -> 060 and Apollo 4040 -> 060.
(including simmsocketchanges and 64MB hack for Apollo 1240/1260)

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I'm located in Finland. I do professional level Amiga hardware repairs and upgrades.

I am offering the following service (and possibly more, just ask):

- Capacitor replacement (high quality low-ESR electrolytic or premium non-leaking low-ESR polymer capacitors)
  • Amiga motherboards (A500/A600/A1200/A2000/A3000(T)/A4000(T)/CD32/...)
  • Accelerator cards (A3630, A3640, Apollo 12xx/30xx/40xx, ...)
  • Other Amiga hardware
- Motherboard repair and restoration
  • Motherboard not working (not booting, black/gray/green/red/... error screen, some other fault)
  • A1200 timing fixes
  • A4000 memory problems (green error screen, memory not detected, ...)
  • A4000 mouse problems (cursor not moving, buttons not working)
  • A4000 SIMM socket replacement with metal clips
  • Audio circuit repair (A600/A1200/A4000/CD32)
  • Battery and capacitor leak repair
  • Battery replacement
  • IDE and floppy connector replacement (A600/A1200/A4000)
  • RF module removal (A600/A1200/CD32)
  • RTC problems (clock not found, unable to save time)
  • Track repairs (broken, corroded, burned, ...)
  • Zorro slot replacement (A2000/A3000/A4000)
  • ...
- Accelerator repair and restoration
  • A3000/A4000 CPU slot connector replacement
  • A3640 capacitor polarity fix
  • Battery and capacitor leak repair
  • Cyberstorm MK III/PPC 68040/68060 CPU socket repair
  • Cyberstorm MK III/PPC SCSI chip replacement
  • BGA soldering (Cyberstorm PPC, Blizzard PPC, BVision PPC)
  • SIMM socket replacement with metal clips (Apollo, Cyberstorm, ...)
  • Track repairs
  • ...
- Upgrading service
  • 68040 -> 68060 accelerator upgrade (Apollo 1240/3040/4040, Blizzard 1240/2040/PPC, Cyberstorm MK I/II/III/PPC, Viper 1240)
  • A3640 rev 3.2 upgrade
  • A3640 speed upgrade (delay line and wait-state mods)
  • A4000 64MB Fast RAM upgrade
  • A4000 IDE PIO2 speed upgrade
  • Amiga CD32 drive adjustment for better CD-R compatibility
  • new high quality 3M/AMP sockets for ICs (A600/A1200/A2000/A3000/A4000)
  • PPC processor upgrade (Cyberstorm PPC, Blizzard PPC)
- Assembly service
  • GBA1000 motherboards, 68060 turbocards, Graka graphics cards, Thylacine USB cards (empty PCBs required)
  • GVP compatible 4MB and 16MB memory modules for GVP accelerators
  • Terrible Fire accelerators (empty PCBs required)
  • Possibly other Amiga DIY kits

For references see Amiga hardware repair, restoration and upgrade service.

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Old 12 May 2017, 15:30   #15
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I am located close to Montreal, Canada and can do recaps although at the moment I don't have a lot of free time available.

Here's some feedback from work I did for DarrenHD http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=956793&postcount=5
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Old 04 August 2017, 23:02   #16
As You Wish
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Location: Denmark
Age: 50
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Denmark, Coppehagen

Specialized in SMD Amiga recap and upgrades, in the best possible quality - NOT on hobby level - using pro equipment with decades of SMD rework experience.

I provide full transparency on the work done, including high-res closeup pictures of the SMD work - no hidden mistakes.

For references check out my thread:

Or if you don't have an Amibay account there is a contact form at BBOAH:
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Old 07 February 2018, 14:58   #17
8 Bit Dreams
Retro maniac

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Location: near Munich / Germany
Posts: 465
my name is Viktor, i'm from Germany, Bavaria.
can do most solder work SMD included, probably anything that would be found in retro computers. Have all necessary tools like microscope, hot air soldering station, preheater, oscilloscope, etc. I also have a huge stock of spare parts for Atari, Amstrad, Commodore, Sinclair, and some other models. Also have few programmers here, so can program various chips, including flashing gotek drives.
Have also assembled many hobby projects for amigas like IDE, Zorro II & Terrible Fire 530, so i am able to repair & mod Your computers in one hit.
I don't get a lot of free time, especially Monday-Friday, but could do repair jobs at weekends.

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Old 06 November 2018, 11:25   #18

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Commodore Amiga Recapping Services


I thought I would list my ebay auctions for my recapping services these are also avilable via my website and other platforms :-)

Amiga 1200, Modulator Removal, ACA Timing Fix inc recapping:


Amiga 1200/600 Recapping Service


Amiga 1200 Premium Recapping Service


Amiga 600 Premium Recapping Service


Amiga Cd32 Recapping Service


Amiga 4000T Recapping Service


Amiga 4000D Recapping Service


You can check out my work at www.amigapassion.co.uk

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Old 06 November 2018, 16:22   #19
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Location: Karlstad / Sweden
Age: 50
Posts: 1,110
“This is a recapping service in which your Amiga 4000 mainboard will have all it capacitors replaced.”

do not want to be too picky. but does this also include all ceramics?
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Old 22 November 2018, 17:53   #20
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@ Amiga Passion..
Do you recap Amiga 3000`s? (as not listed)
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