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cannon fodder save game ?

hello folks , im new to all this emulation stuff , so can someone please explain , simply , how do i save cannon fodder games , im using fs uae on a mac .ive tried the save state , that dosent work.
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Why save state doesn't work to you?
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Toni Wilen
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Cannon Fodder is "special": it uses custom save disk format, standard ADF won't work, requires extended adf. Also game's save disk formatting crashes unless emulator is configured for 1M chip ram.

State files should work fine.
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hi s235 , finished a level , press fn ctrl and f12 to bring up fs uae control panel go to save state and save , but dosent save it , am i doing it wrong ? could you give me a rundown on it ?
how do i get extended adf ? ( is that a disk ?) how do i change to 1 meg ram ?
as you can tell i really am i noob !
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Are you sure it does not save the state? If you re-enter the save state menu, you should see the date/time when you saved the state instead of "Empty".

But for reference, here's how to save state: Open F12 menu -> Save States -> Choose one of the slots (all will be "Empty" initially) -> Choose "Save".

To load a save state: Open F12 menu -> Save States -> Choose one of the slots where you have previously saved (the menu item has the date/time of when you save) -> Choose "Load".

Regarding save game disk:

If you start the game via FS-UAE Launcher, a save disk will automatically be added to the list of floppies you can choose from within FS-UAE (and this is an extended ADF). So when the game ask for save disk (a blank disk), you can simply open the F12 menu, choose the first floppy drive, and select "Save Disk". As Toni indicated, you need to use the in-game format function before you can save games to the save disk.

Btw, I did not manage to get the save disk formatting to crash with the default A500 model (512 KB chip, 512 KB slow) - tested an IPF version and a cracked ADF version.

If it still does not work for you, please be much more specific about what steps you perform - plus what happens - and what you expected to happen.
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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At least one "version" of CF does crash when formatting save disk without 1M chip, I confirmed it on my real A500 long time ago.
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load saved game ?

hi , ok managed to save a game , but when i come back to load it nothing happens ? go to save state find the only one i have saved , select load and the game loads back to the start , not to the point where i saved it ? please help ?
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If FS-UAE uses Hard drive files, just use the WHDLoad version, all saves are redirected to the hard drive, no waiting around for the horrendously slow format to finish.
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what is the whd load version ? a bit new to all this !
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What is WHDLoad: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=5267
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Load/save in WHDLoad version works fine.

At some point I will probably document the file format and make a saved game editor. If someone else already knows the format this would save me some time...
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