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Sound is muffled after boot until change of settings - sound filter emulation issue?

First of all thanks for this amazing emulator. I wish I still had summer vacations to give it the weeks of time fiddling with it that it deserves

I think I just found out about some subtle bug in Winuae concerning sound, it seems to be filter emulation related but could be just a sound setting gui panel problem. When I say "filter" I mean the Amiga low-pass filter that is indicated by Power LED On/Off:

Tested with Gods ipf version. Latest beta (2.2.0 beta6), A500 quickstart most compatible, sound 44100 KHz, no interpolation, stereo sep. 100%, Filter emulated (A500), buffer size seems irrelevant (I used 1), Async4all, WinXP.

-Boot up Gods.

-When the intro plays the music sounds slightly muffled as if the Amiga filter is enabled. However the on-screen Power LED is off, suggesting filter should really be disabled.

-Press F12, make a change in sound settings (change buffer size, or change frequency or some other change), press ok.

-Now the intro music sounds much more crispy clear, as if filter is now disabled. Power LED shows no change though.

-Now revert the previous change, and sound is still crispy clear. Only way I found to get back to muffled sound is to hit RESET in the gui. Then the whole test can be repeated with same results.

Could it be that "initial filter" when booting up a game can be wrong, and a change in GUI somehow "fixes" that? Or something more subtle than that?

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember that when playing with much older WinUAE version, I occasionally thought I remembered a game had filter OFF original Amiga, when WinUAE sounded as if the filter was ON and vice-versa. But I don't have original machine to verify...
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Toni Wilen
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It is a bug. Sound code gets told about power led state before global power led state variable (part of structure that is used for on screen leds use) is updated...
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