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Run WHDLOAD Games in Amithlon (E-UAE)


I reassembled my amithlon Box, and so far everything is going great.

I can now run games and demos in the amithlon through Whdload but my biggest problem now is that they do not have sound.

use SB live card and driver pushbear Emu10kx by the AHI to have sound via the system, played mods, Avi and there all good but I can not be heard in the WHDLoad programs running through the E-Uae Load

anyone know why?

on the other hand I would like to know what kernel I use at the moment because the truth is that I have no idea 3.10 or 4? any CLI command for this?

at first it seems that the RTG acceleration is enabled but I have noticed that in the ibrowser when under the pages with mouse wheel will slow down the page if I do something with the slider goes well, is this normal? or due to a lack of the graphic settings?

any way to know if the acceleration is enabled by picasso?

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I respond to my self about Mute sound on E-Uae Load

Just dont launch the Bearpush configure Unit 0 in AHI preferences that´s All

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Hello Again

Here Im writing on Netsurf 2. 8 on Amithlon 3.9

when more using Amithlon more I like this Emulator its Amazing and its also a shame not very support and very dificult to find some help every thing is dispersed on the Net

How many people using here Amithlon?

My configuration is:

AMD 1350 Mhz 1GB RAM and ATI Radeon 9200 64MB

is any way to run Faster with this configuration the E-UAE the Graphics Goes +- good but the
sound its no Good its like no power on the machine, I try diferent framerates, down the audio cuality to 8 bits and 11000 khz but still problems.

My GFX its in 1024X768 Built in at 60hz and in P96Test The result its very good

also MAME Games Goes Fine include Sound and Speed

Games like Doom,Duke3D also Fine

What about Whdload Games? I feel the E-UAE dont have enougth Power to emulate good the
stuff why?

I hope any body can help me with this great system because I block now

Thanks for advance and best regards
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Old thread but I'll respond

I'm a huge fan of Amithlon. Recently discovered it and have gone through numerous configurations (motherboards, cpus, gfx cards, etc..) wanting to keep pushing it farther and faster.

I'm in the process of rebuilding now, waiting on memory for the motherboard I plan to use. I'm hoping this one will be fast enough to run E-UAE as a decent enough rate for games. I had E-UAE installed on one of my earlier Amithlon builds and it ran (according to SysInfo v4) just a tad faster than an A600, while Amithlon ran about 105 times faster than an A4000. My new build should be over 200x faster (Sysinfo) so I'm hoping it can pull it off.

I just configured WHDLoad on my WinUAE setup and getting familiar with it and I started setting it up on my current system in addition to E-UAE but I don't have a lot of desire to continue when I have a new system I will be putting together (gutting my current one of case, cards, drives).

This will be an Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.33 Ghz, 1 GB ram, Nvidia FX5500 256MB, Soundblaster Live and Gigabit NIC.
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