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A570 / CDTV SCSI module schematics & resources

Hello my fellow forum chumies,

I am on the hunt for schematics and any resources to make / manufacture the CDTV / A570 SCSI module.

Since I have both of the above, the idea is to make a small (CHEAP) production run =)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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I presume you've already been here http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/a570 Although no schematics.

btw, Hi again Zetr0

EDIT: The A570 schematics http://pink.myshoesaretootight.com/m...schematics.pdf

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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thanks for the link my friend, sadly I already have this and while its handy for the expansion A570 bus - what I am really needy about is the schematics for the SCSI module =)
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There were two projects underway to remake the A570/CDTV SCSI module.

One was started by AmigaLounge http://www.amigalounge.com/

Who tried to get Craig of Amitrix who still own a lot of parts to make them.


They posted about a year ago (May 2012) that production of 50 or so units would take place soon.

Another actually made about 50 units or so (about 2008?) which were copies of the WAW units. For some reason the name "bill" comes to mind.

Kipper's upcoming A500 8MB RAM + CFIDE68k sort of renders this hardware obsolete?
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I have to admit that with the GB1000 project and a few other things on my plate that the A500 IDE has been sidelined. Once i get all the GB1000 boards out of the way in about 2 weeks i will redirect my time towards getting this done. I still like the old A500 and i know there are still lots of them alive and kicking.
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A590 should help... same SCSI as for CDTV/A570 - WD33C93 + some small glue logic http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/falcon570
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i search more info, but no lucky.
i have more photo with cdtv scsi controller with 74244 without gal, but schematics zero
i know an italian man with sale this board with gal self-made, but without chip scsi (rare ?)

look a3000 schematics, use the same chip
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Better late than never:


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