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Amiga key?

Greetings, I am pretty new to the amiga but I alm currently learning deluxe paint. I have a (dumb?) question, what is the Amiga key in win UAE?
I have tried alt, ctlr, windows, insert, home, but to no avail. How can that be? Can someody please help me? Thank you
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Do you have two Windows keys on your keyboard? If so, Left Windows should be mapped to Left Amiga and Right Windows to Right Amiga.
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The right menu key is also mapped to the right Amiga key (in case the right Windows key is missing). Also Isrt and Pos1 keys are mapped to left and right Amiga keys.

Also check the game ports settings in WinUAE. If one of the ports is set to joystick emulation, the keys used for the joystick do not work as keyboard keys. Set the game port to "none" to get all keyboard keys working.
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Ofc, the most important thing is that you can remap these keys to anyone you want.

Open the configuration menu of Winuae, go the Input panel. In the left drop down box select Configuration #whatever you like rather than Compatibility mode. Then in the right drop down box select Keyboard.

Then remap any keys to whatever you want (in the list Amiga keys are 0x66 and 0x67).
You can even bind some Winuae actions (take screenshot, turbo mode) this way.

Also, technically, you can bind any keys to your mouse, but this is only useful if it has more than 2 buttons.
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I have mapped the Right-Ctrl key on my laptop to R-Amiga. That particular keyboard has no right Win-key nor the menu key.

Also, the Amiga never had a second (right) Ctrl key, so it works out well.

- Bogdan
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I figured with the joystick port, I put it in keyoard A. It actually works. Unfortunately for me I am running winuae on a old Vaio Picturebook (before all those netbooks). And the last WINUAE I can run smoothly is 8.21.R3, the one with editable controls is 8.21.R4 witch runs way too slow. For some odd reason the amiga key is the home and ins key. Very annoying in my case
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Has the mapping of the AMIGA Key been changed? I'm running Windows 10 but when I press WINDOW+o in Devpac nothing happens, so it seems that the windows keys are not mapped to amiga.

Actually it triggers on the App button which sends Right Amiga. When I'm in the input dialog, and press Windows Key, it jumps to the correct key, and it says Left Amiga, but when I press it in the emulation, it doesn't do anything.

AFAIK when a manu shows the A shortcut, shouldn't it trigger on Left or Right Amiga?

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Old 27 November 2019, 21:42   #8

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Ctrl+LWin+RWin does Ctrl+LAmiga+RAmiga just fine here with Windows 10.
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Toni Wilen
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Defaults are still the same and Win + O should not be any Windows shortcut (Windows won't forward any system shortcuts to applications)

Open Input panel, click test, press Windows key. Text box should show which Amiga-side event it is mapped (if any).
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That's what I said. When I press the left Windows key in the test window (in WinUAE), it jumps to the correct mapping, but when I'm in DevPac editor which uses Amiga-O then nothing happens when I press left-O, only when I press APP-O it triggers the Amiga-O event. I will check if Left Windows-O is somehow mapped (not aware of it, but maybe it's some default from Windows).
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Originally Posted by sparhawk View Post
AFAIK when a manu shows the A shortcut, shouldn't it trigger on Left or Right Amiga?
No, the left Amiga key is for system-wide shortcuts (flipping screens, answering requesters etc.), the right Amiga key is for the application shortcuts shown in the menus. So application menus should only respond on the right Amiga key.
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Ahhh! That explains it! Thanks! Then everything seems to be in order.
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