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Whdload problem

Can someone help me with this problem?

When I try to install r-type using whdload on my AMiga 1200 the installation process always fails with teh installer being unable to find the 'r-type.info' file.
Now the file is present in the directory and shows up when I dir games:r-type all in shell. However when I show all teh files in a window it doesn't show up?! So it's there, yet not there.
This is teh process of obtaining the files - I downloaded thefr-type installer fiel from the whdload main website. I then unpacked in WINUAE and transferred it over a cable to my amiga where I then install it with my original disk. Lots of otehr games have instaleld successfully but some have this problem (including Ivan's Offroad racer).

Any ideas?
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I am guessing that the install for R-Type is a John Girvin install? If so, he didn't use the original recommended installation scripts and he has probably made a mistake in that one. You will be pleased to know he has agreed to stop using custom ones and just use the tried and tested ones from now...

To install R-Type, I would do it by hand - either hack the script for where it is trying to copy the icon (check with SNOOPDOS that the file it is trying to copy is in the right place, maybe it exists but isn't where it should be?) by deleting that section which copies the file, or simply abandon the whole script and manually run the imager to make the disk image then copy the other files in.

Alternatively request someone to upload the installed WHDLoad version, someone here must have it (I don't have it on me atm sorry).

Don't be put off WHDLoad due to one bad install process, the majority of them are very well made.
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The reason it's there and not there is because any .info file is an icon. When you do a dir/list of that directory, you'll see it. But, when you open the window, it should be shown straight away. No need to show all files

Anyway. You can try renaming it to r-type.inf since that's what the installers used a couple of years back (I have no idea what they use now)

Or. Someone who has this install and isn't lazy like me can try it themselves


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Yes, I have HD-installed R-Type 1 & 2, they both work perfectly on my UAE system.

I don't remember where I got it, I don't remember who the slaver was, or whether it is WHDLoad/JST/DOS. But if you are really stuck, I can upload them for you. So would you like me to do this?
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I think I might start using WHDLOad.. I nabbed Soccer Kid and I want to install it on my HD
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This thread I just edited and moved may help...
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