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Into the Wonderful

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Another Dastardly 'What if' thread

Yeah another one.

If Commodore has ceased to 'be' after the C64 had had its day, what gaming/computing path do you think you would have taken and where would you be now?
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I reckon not much would've changed... The Amiga would still have happened, just under the Atari label instead... And of course there would have been no need for the ST, and none of the horrid Amiga vs Atari arguments...
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We would still be playing Pong.
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Think I would have kept my 64 much longer. I have an aversion to Atari so I would not have gone to the ST.

Maybe have switched to the PC a little earlier than I had and complained endlessly about Windows v2, but at least I could have done some thing useful in ASM before C++ became the standard.
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Lesser Talent
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I think Atari would still be around today. (Not the 'NEW' Atari, that activision have resurrected)

But Atari would've survived longer and everyone would have had to buy an ST/E.

But then on the other hand, the PC might have taken hold and we could have listened to games with pc speaker beeps a lot more.

I don't think the console world would have changed that much (if at all). Maybe a few more megadrives sold here and there.

So there you have it, my completely useless view, where I've managed to not commit to saying anything.
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It wouldn't have followed the same path.. that is impossible!

Atari wouldn't have released the ST so no direct competition except the PC.. so the Amiga would have dominated back then

And what would be using now if that were the case?
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Atari would have spoiled the amiga concept, we would only have seen the amiga 1000 & 500. Then they would have died out, and the pc would have had the leading role much earlier. Then the pc would wipe out Mac.......
:eek :eek
Then BG would be master of the Universe

THX to C= for being around so long
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If the Amiga had never happened I'd probably have gone back to Atari. My father brought back an Atari VCS from Hong Kong in 1981 so I'd feel that an Atari ST would be a wise choice. At what point would I retire my interests in the commodore 64 ? No idea really, but I'd hardly wait around till 1994 to move on to a new machine.
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