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Apple SCSI hard drive emulation

Would it be possible to add an option to emulate Apple SCSI hard drives?

Apple's HD SC Setup program can be used to partition SCSI disks on a Mac emulator, e.g. ShapeShifter, Fusion, Emplant, A-Max. [That's distinct from the emulator using an Amiga partition or hardfile.]

However HD SC Setup only works with Apple OEM-model drives by default. Later versions can be very easily patched to bypass that, but if WinUAE could emulate an Apple OEM drive you could run it from unmodified disk images when installing the Mac OS.

Shapeshifter's "Apple hard disk emulation" option does that for its SCSI emulation, but there's no similar option in A-Max.

HD SC Setup requests mode page 0x30:
UAEHF: unsupported scsi command 0x1A LUN=0

Looking at the ShapeShifter source, it puts this in the page 0x30 data:
Offset What
0      $30 page code
1      20 page length
2      "APPLE COMPUTER, INC " (20 ASCII characters)
HD SC Setup checks for the first 19 of those characters. (It looks like MAME emulates this Apple-drive behaviour unconditionally?)

It seems likely that the earliest versions of HD SC Setup (I checked v1.3 and v1.4; are there any earlier?) don't have that check, but instead only work with specific drives, based on manufacturer/model strings in the INQUIRY data.

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Toni Wilen
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These kinds of special cases probably should be handled using geometry file. Geometry file will support custom SCSI mode pages in the future. (Always enabled is not going to happen)
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