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Angry AMOS Professional

When using AMOSPro under WinUAE my screen is garbled so you can't read a thing, but if I run AMOSPro stright from floppy it is ok?

My ? is how do I get it to run from Hard Drive without the garbled screen under WinUAE?


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Give up the ghost
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Have you done a proper installation? AMOS has some libraries and such that it is quite picky about. I'll try it out when I get home and see if I get the same result.

BTW: what kind of config are you using with your hard drive setup in WinUAE? Is it possible another program is running and causing a conflict?
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Cool AMOSPro (Con't)

I'm using WinUAE with the latest Amiga in a Box config. I get the same results no matter what version of WinUAE I use. I'm not sure if the problem is related to my Voodoo 3 AGP as I hear so many bad things about it. AMOSPro installs without any probs, just when I run it I get the Garbled screen. If I run AMOSPro from a floppy (.adf) autoboot floppy .... it runs and looks fine, but I would like it on my Hard Drive so I can install many more extensions as a floppy there is not enuff room on the disk.
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Toni Wilen
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This sounds like running non-AGA program on AGA Amiga.
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Old 30 September 2001, 08:53   #5
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AMOS was never officially released as AGA, so that can't be the problem, although it does sound like the problem
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Give up the ghost
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I assume you installed the game while booting from the floppy. I tried this, but cancelled as it seemed to be working. Prior to that, I attempted to install while up and running my HD setup and even the installer program came up garbled. And yes, my HD config is 3.x/AGA. I booted the floppy with 3.0/AGA, however. Maybe the problem lies in the 3.x OS and not the 3.x rom.

The only suggestion I can make is to try making a separate HD configuration using 2.04. This might work. I remember having AMOS Pro working on my A2000/HD/2.04 from the hard drive. Or you could probably make a hard drive installed with 2.x and use the 3.x rom.
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Exclamation Very Strange

Very strange.... Now I updated AMOSPro using the AMOS Compiler Update and now it works, but the font in AMOSPro is very skinny and not the correct font.

go figure ...

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