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Question Sensible question

hi, I'm having trouble running Sensible World Of Soccer (all versions) on the newest version of Winuae.

The rest of the game works fine, but the problem occurs when I enter 'Career' mode. When I hit the button to select the club I wish to manage, the game either freezes or crashes (depending on which Kickstart I use - I have them all).

I have downloaded the various Winuea configurations from BTTR (aga30.uea, ecs13.uea...etc), yet the problem still occurs whatever BTTR setup I choose....

...however, one time, I loaded a configuration up, then fiddled around with some settings and managed to get it to work, but as I did not save the configuration (and thus forgotten), I have not managed to get the 'Career' mode to work since...

Anyone got any theories?? Is it the configuration, or an .adf bug (as I managed to get it working once, I don't think it's the .adf)

By the way, I'm running on a fairly highspecced PC so I shouldn't have requirement issues.

Can anyone recommend a config that would work for this game, or a place that has a list of recommended configs for games (BTTR doesn't have one for Sensible World of Soccer).

Or is this a known issue (bug) that has no resolution?

Go easy on me if I sound dumb! I'm fairly new to this kind of thing and still finding my feet.

Thanks for your time.
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A configuration problem! (I think you must choose a maximum of 1MB of memory)
A working configuration attached.
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File Type: uae sensible.uae (2.6 KB, 297 views)
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Old 06 July 2002, 02:19   #3
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thanks for the config file Nyarlathotep.

I actually had a go at trying to find the correct configuration so that all versions of Sensible World of Soccer would run from the same config file (as Sensi96/97 requires Kickstart 3.0).

I (finally) managed to do it! Here's my effort...

Thanks once again to Nyarlathotep, and all that had a go.
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File Type: uae sensisoccer.uae (2.5 KB, 289 views)
Old 25 February 2005, 18:01   #4
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I had exactly the same problem, but have got SWOS Euro Edition working fine now. My next big problem is trying to save my career! I've been searching forums all over the place to try and work out how to do it, but nothing is working for me. So far I've tried:

1). Download a SWOS save disk.adf. Comes up with a disk error message in game whenever I try to save.

2). Create Custom floppy in WinUAE. Then try to format it using the tool in the Save Disk Filing screen of the game. Again, get a Disk Error message.

3). Using SaveState in WinUAE. Whenever I load it back up, it seems fine until you play a game. You get a lot of sprite corruption and then when the game ends, I'm left with a totally blank screen.

I'm out of ideas at the moment. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it!
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Is it possible the disk is write-protected in WinUAE?
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PLease help me!

I use whdload to play SWOS9697 on my laptop. I have all my games on my harddrive. I read also about how i can save a game on swos9697, is stood that i have to create a folder named "save" so i can save my games there. It works, but when i want to play another game f.ex "wings" and then play Swos9697 later the savedgame is not there, i cant find it.. So i hope someone can help me with this problem

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