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A Question...

I am curious if anyone has heard of the Amiga version of the game, 'Darklands.' I've been trying to look for it for only a few hours, but I'm wondering if anyone could help in my search with a link or anything of the like. Thanks for any help, lates,

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I don't think there is an Amiga version of this game. I assume you are referring to the Microprose game from 1992, right?

According to a GEnie online conference with Arnold Hendrick, chief designer for Darklands, from just after the release of the PC version of the game, Hendrick said this:
The Amiga version of Darklands is under consideration, and has been for quite a while. The problem is, you've got to have a hard disk to play Darklands and our biggest Amiga market is overseas, where there are precious few hard disks. The people in charge of figuring out whether we can make any money on a conversion just for hard disk Amiga users haven't quite decided yet, as far as I know... I wish I could be more positive, but to my knowledge, this is the awful truth!
This kinda hangs the existance of the game in limbo, but I have never seen the game surface anywhere, it doesn't show up anywhere in my (big) collection, plus I have no reference to it in my database, so I am guessing the Amiga version never happened (unfortunately).

On the other hand, www.crpg.de suggests an Amiga version exists on one of their pages, but despite this, all other information indicates otherwise.
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I've tried looking for the past day, and it seems that if it does exist, it is fairly secluded. Thank you for your help, I'll just get by with the PC version...lol. Lates,

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