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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

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Heroes of Might and Magic "state of the union" mod pack

I uploaded all mod files that i did so far for the Soundtrack of Heroes of Might and Magic II and that due to other tasks/soundtracks/sheer lack of willpower so far i did not complete despite working on it from 2014 to last year in spare time.


Those are separated in folders such as: complete, loop complete, incomplete and draft, depending on the state of the song.

Some mod files will result incomplete/detuned or simply stopping halfway, especially in the incomplete and draft folders.

Want to remind that porting all HOMM II songs is something akin to a gargantuan task, and quality requirements were high;

so far the zip file contains:
- 10 "complete" songs
- 4 "loop complete" songs
- 4 "incomplete" songs
- 6 "drafted" songs

for a total of 24 mod files with size from 150 to 600(!) kilobytes and the zip file so far has a size of 5.7 megabytes.

And i still miss several Cities songs.

However the ones available should suffice for whomever is porting the code to stub it in the game or as base to make the missing mod files.

Will find a way to complete current song and add the missing ones in the future: so will finish this project, that is something i regret of not being able to do to so far, and was even one of the first i took since i restarted to do music.
[Edit - the "City of Wizard" song should be moved in "incomplete" folder - sorry ]

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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

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Location: los angeles,ca
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So i did start to work again on the musics hoping to leave this part behind, and Man, this is going to be NOT THAT funny: solutions that i thought were good some year ago now feel bad, instruments sometimes off tune, others that cannot find right sample for (in example pianos are mostly neutral but there are more way to play a piano, soft, hard, etc. and mostly i find the middle kind), good but memory hungry samples, chords or joint play to be made, pack an opera style soundtrack in four voices!!!

Challenge Accepted!

[ Show youtube player ]

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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: los angeles,ca
Posts: 2,179
Preparing a new archive soon; Tsak provided me with piano samples at different intensities that should indeed help...
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